Exo Fam, Vol. 1

Exo is a booking agency based in Lyon that focuses on Dub and other electronic styles. With "Exo Fam: Vol 1" (ODGProd) she presents a very nice showcase sampler of her artists, which can be downloaded for free from The 16 tracks include works by Brainless Sound System, Miniman and Mahom. This makes it clear that this is about the French DubScene, but also related music styles such as drum & bass and trance. Oriental harmonies run like a red thread through the tracks of the sampler, which I really like. All in all a nice, varied excursion through the manifestations of bass music under the confident guidance of Dub.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Mmmmh yes, nobody wants to say something here?
I can't really think of anything.
I can't fully celebrate it, but neither can I demonize it. I like Miniman a lot again and I would listen to everything else more often if I didn't already know so much what I like better.
I wouldn't necessarily play “Space Invasion” if I'm really up for good ones Dub would have.
“Grab Your Names” sounds as if david getter had tried it too, but for example “Space Invasion” sounds as if it could go quite well with a six-pack of Veltins and a lot of exercise on the dance floor.
Maybe I should leave this music to the younger generation, who don't know what chocolate tastes like without palm oil and are still satisfied.

Greetings ……………… .. lemmi


my favorites of the sampler are - as expected - The Black Mantis Project, Foodprint System and Saadji because of the oriental-arabic-exotic influences. I like that very much. How the ODGProd manages that all albums in their catalog are available for free remains a mystery to me. There are always highlights to discover on the site. Of course there are also lots of Franco steppers, so there is something for everyone.
I'm already excited about the release on October 21.10st - Saadji X The Black Mantis Project.

Whenever I'm into exotic things, someone knows "Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Dub Qawwali ". Not for purists!

", Does someone know" Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Dub Qawwali ". Nothing for purists! ”…… But for DubFans!

I wouldn't know anything like that. But my longtime music dealer (and good buddy) often runs something like that in his shop on the side. Yes and when I hear that, I can't help saying
come "old man" pack, I must have. I'll admit it's been a couple of years since I last heard the record. But since I always liked to listen to the disc in the dark, cold months by candlelight and the heater on full power, it will be back soon.
And so the (shitty) winter has its good things too. In any case, I really liked the record! Let's see if that's still the case.
In any case, it's good that we talked about it again ………………… lemmi

(Were we "off-topic" again? ... no, no, no, like in school, the head is always somewhere else)

Hehe and more soon. "Black Mantis Project"! .... isn't that pretty radical stepped too? Strangely, you can do that too. Yes, you are even looking forward to it. I also bought the disc last after turning it around 100 times in my hands. There are some really cool "things"
So, now bye bye ;-)

Boing! ….. not surprised …. am currently looking for the project myself, which I confused Black Mantis with. I messed up something completely.

Greetings ………… lemmi

Off-Topic ??? No way

Nope, the transfer of “Black Mantis Project” and “Footprint” to “Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Dub Qawwali “is almost obvious. Nice lemmi that we are of one mind again. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan did really crazy things, his Qawwali (Sufi singing) took me away from the first cursory listening. With his "Real World Label", Peter Gabriel made Nusrat palatable to a wider public. I would have loved to see Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan live, unfortunately he died in 1997 when he was not even 50 years old.
The album from 2007 fell into my hands yesterday - as time goes by - and I still think it's unique.

I wouldn't call “Black Mantis Project” a “pretty radical steppe” just because of the arabesque ingredients in their music. These are different ingredients in the Dub, because variety can / must be in the Dub .

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