Fikir Amlak & King Alpha: Key to the Universe

For me, Alpha & Omega have always been the undisputed masters of the mystical-magical stepperDub. Now a mysterious fellow named Fikir Amlak is getting on them. Together with King Alpha he just released his album "Key to the Universe“(Akashic Records), which seems to consist only of diffuse bass resonances, reverb and echo and, in contrast, a marching bass drum. Is definitely something for advanced users. Titles such as “Key to the Universe”, “Negusa Nagast” and “Third Eye” already indicate that it is as much spiritual as possible. And so the two-part, overlapping song of the two - minimal melodies on almost the same pitch - even reminds of monks' chants. The spiritual gloom is also evident in the black cover, on which God's eye looks towards the viewer. Doesn't sound very positive, does it? But I have to say: I am somehow fascinated by the album. I like such radical concepts. By the way, not much can be found out about Fikir Amlak. I would definitely have placed him in the UK, but the Puerto Rican actually lives and works in Los Angeles. He has also been a recording artist since 2005. However, he only became familiar to me two years ago with his albums “Roots & Dub"And" Simply Warrior "came across for the first time, but both of them are far less interesting than" Key to the Universe ".

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Since I can't think of anything bad to say about the record, I won't comment on it today ;-).
Well ok, the vocal versions could have omitted them completely but otherwise they have DubIt's a pretty magical effect on me too. The spirituality comes not only through the lyrics, but for me above all through the atmosphere, which somehow catapults me back into the intermediate world in which I feel so comfortable.
The Axum is currently also available from irie records. Similar concept (Vocal + Dub ) but the basslines are not that mystical. However, I think so DubIt's also quite acceptable on Axum, or rather pretty good.

Otherwise… .. no comment ……………… lemmi

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