Finn The Giant meets Sandmonk: Two Worlds Clash

Last weekend I made a foray through my archive and Finn The Giant meets Sandmonk: "Two Worlds Clash”(In-house production) rediscovered. No, even if it sounds like it at first, not a modern continuation of the Swedish legend about a giant from Lund by the name of Jatten Finn. Finn The Giant or Jatten Finn are stage names for Finn Stillerud, a reggae producer and Dubmixer from Malmö. His older brother introduced him to roots reggae at an early age and also influenced him significantly. At the tender age of 13, Finn lived in America for a year and his interest in roots reggae, more modern reggae and dancehall continued to grow abroad. In high school, he joined the reggae band "Soon Come". After returning to Sweden, Finn The Giant started his own reggae at the same time Dubs to make. Along with Sandmonk, a former member of the "Soon Come" band, became a couple in 2001 Dub-Demos recorded. Due to various circumstances, the recordings were never published and so they rotten in some small room. It wasn't until 2007 that the eleven were recorded with great passion and analogue Dubs awakened from its slumber and remastered in the newly created studio. The end result can really be heard. The opener: “Hidden Knowledge” reminds me of Tomas Hegert, who is also very much appreciated by me: “Dub på Svenska ”. (Again and again: Thanks for the tip, René!) On “Greenhouse Stadion” I mean hearing a kind of accordion from 1:44 onwards. “Minga Girls” is reminiscent of a Swedish, somewhat polka-like folk song. Sometimes we hear a very sparingly used but precise melodica melody. The organ plays these Nordic, somewhat undercooled but very beautiful, crystal clear organ sounds that I have known from Bo Hansson (tip: Lord Of The Rings or Attic Thoughts - no reggae) since the early 70s. Heavy, rich drums and benthically meandering basslines are flanked by an abundance dubbiger effects. The two protagonists made convincing use of the wealth of options that a new studio brings with it.
Although Finn The Giant appeared very rarely or not at all in the past few years, “Two World Clash” (Old and New World?) Is an album for me that should by no means go unnoticed and above all unheard into oblivion.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Yeah man thanks Ras Vorbei !

This DubWe really shouldn't let go by unheard. And certainly not to disappear into oblivion. At least since the four-headed band,
that we all like to know well from the 70s, but whose name I remember in the DubDon't trust my blog, I know that Swedes have a good feeling for music. The only thing that stuck with me was the tune “SOS”, which I still enjoy listening to today.
I'm also blown away with the opener "Hidden Knowledge". As smoothly as the riddim embeds itself in my body and caresses my soul, I can only melt away. But I have this feeling here with most of them Dubs and that's why I'm excited about the whole album. Only the tunes in the Steppers Riddim take something
from the very relaxed basic feeling of the entire disc and remind us of the reggae and Dub is not just made to "float in Sweden". But as hard as I could try to look for any little hair in the soup, I won't find one for now and won't ruin my relaxed feeling by looking for points of criticism here. The whole disc grooves !!! Sometimes the style reminds me a little of Ragana from Poland (?). And that's when I mostly melt away completely. The description "benthic meandering basslines" is no longer completely new to me, but as soon as it comes down to it, I will perk up my ears in the future so as not to miss anything.
Nevertheless, I fear that in the end these data will in a certain way disappear into a kind of oblivion because I cannot touch them. In the meantime, however, I also see something quite relaxed, because this week, for example, I'm looking at the horny DubDisc of "Mad Professor meets Gaudi". I always remembered them very well, but one
You can touch a disc more often on the plate or in the slot for CD's than when it becomes a kind of mass-produced product in the large swamp of Internet data. Maybe
I will have this disc in my hands for the near future, real and "fundamental", so that I can hear it over and over again at home in my magic triangle with a sublime grin. Until then, however, it will be added to my data playlist very quickly so that it doesn't get completely forgotten.

In short, I like the "disc" very much !!! ……………………………. lemmi

PS: You have to change your vocabulary today or adapt it to the "catastrophic" circumstances of the music industry. The word "disk" was always a fitting expression
for the medium where our music was to be found but today you can only use the word for politicians - especially drug commissioners and interior ministers - who still want to make us know that the earth is flat.

I think I'd rather go for a goalkeeper first ………………… lemmi

But I could eat a SLICE of bread first …………

Ah no sorry, you only write something like that on fazzebook twitter and the like but there you can find it DubBlog as far as I know. Besides, there is no bread today
there are Nuuuuuuuudeln !!!

Irie pasta !!! and Basta! (man have no pangs) …………………. lemmi

Hi lemmi!

“Benthic meandering basslines” - sorry, the geographer went through with me. But I think that these terms describe the music here best. Benthos: The depth of the sea. A meandering river: a lazily winding body of water. Before the straightening by the engineer Johann Tulla, the Rhine also had many meanders (loops) that were simply cut off. Today these cut meanders form the swampy Rhine meadows. The area around Speyer is still very nice to explore. Ok, off-topic ;-)

Yes, the "data music" is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I'm happy that tons of music is available on the Internet and only a mouse click away, which I never even dared to dream of before. On the other hand, the offer is so huge that something often slips through, is overlooked (see above) and slumbered for years. Even for me, Finn the Giant is a "new discovery".
Even while researching Internal Dread, Finn's album didn't come back to mind. Much too good actually.
Oh yes, for those interested: I have a few more Swedish ones in the comments on Internal Dread Dub-Bands recommended.

Proof that Sweden has much more to offer musically than this 4-letter band and Dr. Alban.

Why sorry" Ras Vorbei ?

I hope you didn't find that ironic of me. I like it very much because of it
also my “eloquent articulation elaborated” …… .. that sounds ironic again from my “mouth”, but I can really learn something from it. Should I have proven to be exactly the opposite with “eloquent articulation elaborated”, because that doesn't make sense, I'm also very happy to allow myself to be improved.
The Papa Dee disc (!) Was very well received by me, while I was with the Dubs still had a few wishes unfulfilled, if I'm not mistaken.

"Hello Africa Tell Me How You Doin´´ ……………… .. lemmi

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