Flying Vipers: Cuttings

Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare or Carlie and Aston Barrett are the rhythm twins from Jamaica. But Waltham, Massachusetts is where the true Rhythm Twins, the twin brothers Mark and John Beaudette from the, come from Flying Vipers.
The Flying Vipers are one Dub- Reggae band, consisting of John and Marc Beaudette (Destroy Babylon, The Macrotones) and Zack Brines (Pressure Cooker, Kings of Nuthin '), which was originally a side project of Destroy Babylon was founded around her soft spot for classic Dub and to be able to live out reggae. Jay Champany (10 Ft. Ganja Plant), who also produced the group's first two releases, has been the man behind the analogue control buttons and dials.
"Cuttings"The full length of the Flying Vipers' first album has just been released and picks up where the two excellent previous EPs"The green tape"&"Copper Tape“Ended. The sound sounds like from another time, when Jamaican sound engineers started using their mixers as the main instrument and laid the foundation for the Dub-Genre laid. As almost expected, the Vipers are once again delivering addicting ones Dub-Reggae instrumentals that are reminiscent of the great productions of the old engineers like King Tubby, Sylvan Morris and Lee Scratch Perry, as well as the younger ones Dubremember heroes like Dennis Bovell, Adrian Sherwood and Daniel Boyle. The fantastically good rhythm section by Marc and John Beaudette provides the perfect foundation on which keyboardist Zack Brines lays his beautiful, free-flowing Rhodes piano passages. For the thrilling horn section, a few guest musicians were also hired, who with their virtuosity enrich the sound of the Vipers enormously. The fourth man in the league, Jay Champany, deserves a positive mention. While many engineers use digital technology today, he still prefers analog technology. With a rather old mixer, Tapco-Hall, Mutron Phasor II etc. Champany mixes the songs manually, while the band records them directly on cassette with a Tascam 488 MK II. The result is a clean, coherent, classic sound and at the same time its own original variant of the tried and tested Dub-Formula.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I just have a lot to comment on, so I'll just write something about the essence of my knowledge. Riddims, instruments and the whole DubScaffolding leaves nothing to be desired with me. Occasionally it sounds a little too dull but really "only in the private sphere". There are again many magical moments that, in my opinion, often only arise in the second part of the DubFully unfold tunes. As an example of one of these moments, I would like to mention “Twin Donats” and especially the one DubEffect, on the guitar from minute 2:11 ff ...
What is going on in my head is one of the main reasons why I am Dub love above all. Especially since you (or I) couldn't even say for sure whether it was a guitar at all. And that is also a great fascination in the Dub triggers for me when one (or I) cannot say with certainty how and by what means this noise was generated. Is it still earthly or definitely unearthly?!? Music and especially Dub serves me primarily to suppress the normal everyday life and maybe also to simply escape some problems. And what should work better with than with the unearthly ?!

Greetings from my “ÜberIch” …………………. lemmi

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