Gaudi + Savona: Havana Meets Kingston in Dub

"Havana Meets Kingston" was a big deal in 2017. Following the example of Buena Vista Social Club, Jake Savona aka Mista Savona - reputedly Australia's "leading reggae producer" - invited veteran Cuban musicians to veteran Cuban and Jamaican studios, where they met veteran reggae musicians such as Sly & Robbie , Ernest Ranglin, Bongo Herman and others met to record music together – and of course to make a documentary (which apparently never came to fruition). A huge effort that paid off with the (relative) success of the album. But it would be a shame not to use the recordings further - and that's a good idea Dub-Album on! Anyone who thinks so big cannot hire just any remixer, which is why Savona turned to Gaudi, who also enjoys fame and respect outside the reggae cosmos. Gaudi took five years, around nine Dubs to mix that up now "Havana Meets Kingston in Dub" (Mista Savona) find. Maybe he has thought through every turn of the knob intensively and weighed it up against alternatives, in order to actually make one after months of planning Dub record. But maybe he was just in a severe corona lethargy. Anyway, it's finally here, that Dub-The album is out and it turned out really well. Gaudi's meticulousness pays off, because the sound and mix are simply superb. However, a lot would have had to go wrong in order not to turn the brilliant templates into brilliant ones as well Dubs to peen. The arrangements are simply great and the perfect craftsmanship of the musicians leaves nothing to be desired. So: Gaudi gives us a wonderful Dub-Album that would have been worth waiting for had you known it was planned to exist. I'm even of the opinion (no wonder) that the Dub-Version of the album is better than the original. The sound is tighter and the overstuffed arrangements have been reduced to a level that really allows each individual instrument to come into its own. Gaudi is pretty reluctant to use reverb and echo, because enough is already happening without them. Perfectly dosed, I would say. It is also noticeable that the organic live sound produced by Savona is a very appealing contrast to Gaudi's more electronic tracks Dub-Mixing stands. Altogether certainly one of the notable ones Dub-Highlights 2022.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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So it doesn't surprise me that the creator of the DubBlogs ;-) the Dubversion of the album better than the original.
I would say, I have to have all of “WORKS” of this kind that present themselves on this elevated level. OriginalVocalVersion and OriginalDubFull length version. That is Dub or music that goes far beyond the taste of reggae nerds. “Pure” UK – Steppers fans definitely have their little problems ;-) ……….. Sorry for this biased assumption (which is however based on “certain” experiences).
Yes, it's Monday and it can't be done without a few bitches. Every now and then I have to take "vengeance" verbally on artists who often drive me to the brink of despair with their cheesy yelling. There's this insanely strong riddim by Rastaman Vibration, here in a really fat and strong rendition as Dub starts. the DubFrom my point of view, the version is much better than the vocal version, which I would have liked very much on "Havana meets Kingston". If, yes, if the troubadour Duane Stephensen hadn't lapsed into musical mode again. He sings really too penetrating for me. It always comes across as a saxophone solo by Dean Frazer, who probably wants to advertise it in the TV garden. Ok, sorry for my blunt opinion, which might be hurtful to the musicians I specifically "dissed". I would want to tick it off as a tactical foul for the occasion. Also, it might not be Duane Stephensen, it's Randy Valentine, but that doesn't make much of a difference - to me.
I think here in Dubblog we are all more or less instrumental and I am more impressed by a finely plucked guitar solo or a skillfully placed piano solo than an aria by troubadours whose vocal cords “suffer” from hyperactivity. Here it is especially Ernest Ranglin's solo interludes that once again put me in a very pleasant trance and also the crystal-clear sound of the acoustic guitar in "Chan Chan In Dub“ opens my heart and convinces me again with the feeling that these musicians always give to the best. If there was such a fine thing in German music, I certainly wouldn't gossip about our music craftsmen so much. ( It's still Monday ;-) )
Of course, what fascinates me the most about the entire work here is this flow, which doesn't let up from the first to the last note of this album and reaches something like its exotic climax with "Chan Chan". From what I understand, this is Sly And Robbie for the engine room PS
responsible and I have to say that Robbie Shakespeare in particular guarantees enormous effectiveness here, because he chisels very virtuoso bass lines here
into the foundation of all riddims.
If there were only one Dubversion of the album, my world would be fine that way, too, but I have to say that both albums are a must for me and since they are now practically available in “Showcase style”, I have no wishes left unfulfilled.

May the force be with the producers to break through the Babylonian barriers that want a tactile album ticked off with ones and zeros.

Otherwise, I wish everyone a lot of fun with "the transmission electron microscopic investigation of the co-deposition of transition elements in crystalline silicon, taking into account the phase shift at the quantum-critical end point ;-)"

No ! Not that you think I have the ability to deal with something like that, but people do something similar here so that they can call themselves doctors later.

I'd rather go back into the goal then …………………….. lemmi

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