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Gladiators: The Time Is Now Discomixes

The Gladiators are undoubtedly a veteran of reggae history and their musical roots can be traced back to Clement “Sir Coxsone” Dodd's Studio One. My first encounter with their music was only in the mid-1970s. Their then producer Tony Robinson had made a deal in Europe and so the first (regular) albums of the Gladiators appeared on Virgin Records. Albert Griffiths died on December 15.12.2020, 74 at the age of XNUMX after a long illness of Parkinson's. The head of the trio with classic harmony vocals à la Wailers, Culture, Abyssinians, Israel Vibration, Meditations, Mighty Diamands etc. has the appearance of the "Gladiators: The Time Is Now Discomixes“(Tabou1) and I can imagine that he was very happy with the end result. Dartanyan "GreenLion" Winston, a young American sound tinkerer in his early 30s from Ohio, has chosen a few tracks from the almost inexhaustible repertoire of the Gladiators and created wonderfully classic discomixes. Eight original songs are skilfully deconstructed and reconstructed with a ton of energy, studio and mixer magic. Dartanyan "GreenLion" Winston pulls out all the stops and delivers a wonderfully sparkling sound bath of vocals, echo, reverb and delay. My highlights, the eight-minute title, are: "Fussing and Fighting" - a Marley song that most clearly shows how much Albert Griffiths' voice resembled Bob Marley's - and "Dreadlocks your Time is now" of course. The album cover gives the impression that it was created under the influence of psychoactive or even more hallucinogenic substances in the hippie era. Even if I had made a slightly different selection of songs, “The Time Is Now Discomixes” is, in retrospect, a wonderful homage to the wonderful gladiators who, undeservedly, were always a bit off the side of the really big vocal trios.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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I'm amazed that I'm the first to comment this album. Wonderful music; excellent emotions; brilliant dubs. A must have for everyone who appreciates what roots reggae and dub is all about. Thank you Ras Vorbei for the review.

Thomas is always the first! Most of the time he is the only one who gives a comment.
My real name is also Thomas and so, this name is a "win win situation". "The Lion a di winner".
Yes, you are right. “A must have for all who appreciate what roots reggae and dub is all about. Thank you Ras Vorbei"
But if I am honest, I have to say something like Ras Vorbei himself. Sorry if my english is completely wrong. All these tunes, which are transferred into Discomixes inna Showcase-Style are to far away from my favorite BigTunes of Gladiators. Except "Dreadlocks your
time is now ". So the result is, that i was not so greedy like a "greedy dog", to hear the tunes and Dubs more than one time. But i know myself better than any other and so i can promise that if the release is coming out inna different style than a simple stream, i will buy it immediately and than I bring it in rotation.

Y´ unnerstan´ me? ………………………………. lemmi (Thomas)

´… .. and then i bring it into rotation !!!

Sometimes my level is to low, before the international Dubblog …………. lemmi

But there is one word that i will never forget!

WEEEEEEEEEKEEEND! and then again on Monday REEEEEWIND!

So long ………… .. lemmi

Thomas my namesake, this is really a nice coincidence. Great! I really like the gladiators and so far there haven't been many dub versions of their songs. That's why I like this album very much.

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