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Greensleeves Dubstep Chapter 1

Other reggae protagonists also seem worried about the success of the Dubstep does not really participate. That's why Greensleeves (or VP) thought that they could repeat what has already proven itself at Jungle: simply remix reggae tunes in the trendy style. Busy Signal, Ding Dong, Mavado, Vybz Kartel, but also veterans like Yellowman, Admiral Baily or Barrington Levy find themselves in the wrong context. What Roommate masters brilliantly (see above), namely reggae and Dubstep in a congenial way seems schematic, careless and inappropriate on the Greensleevs sampler. Ultimately, we are dealing with pure ones Dubstep productions that mostly only use fragments of the original reggae vocals as decoration. So the result is the combination of a sterile bass-booming beat with dancehall vocals chopped up to hectic staccato. Not really exciting. However, there are exceptions: The up-tempoDubstep interpretation of Yellowman's “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng” from the studio of Housepower Productions is already awesome, while the VIVEK remix of Johnny Osbourne's “Fally Ranking” is familiar dubsounds big. But that doesn't save an entire album. While Roommate was combining the best of both worlds into something new, Greensleeves created a hybrid in which the components of the genres suddenly stand side by side. This is unlikely to be friends of reggae either Dubstep fans can convince.

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