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Guiding Star Orchestra: Natural Heights

There have been many attempts to reggae Dub and bringing jazz together. Think of “Nordub", Which Nils Petter Molvær released together with Sly & Robbie last year, to Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77, or to the fantastic album"Dub på Svenska ”by Tomas Hegert - and of course, not to forget, almost all of the senior all-star albums. What is noticeable about this list is that two of the four albums mentioned here come from Scandinavia. Is there a previously unrecognized, magical connection between jazz and Dub? The album just released "Natural Heights" (DubShot Records) from Copenhagen Guiding Star Orchestras supports this assumption anyway. In terms of quality, too, it ranks among the Nordic works: it is simply one of the most beautiful, harmonious, soothing instrumentals /Dub-Albums of the first half of the year. I can hardly get enough of the seven tracks and their beguiling jazz vibe. The Copenhageners just play normal, instrumental reggae, beautifully arranged, with fantastic brass instruments and stunning melodies - and yet it somehow sounds like jazz, has its natural, light, organic sound. Maybe it's because this album was created completely without digital technology. Real instruments, real musicians, real magnetic tape - well, and then to me via internet stream. This is how it can go. But in the end it doesn't matter whether the music has anything to do with jazz or not. I love her either way. And that's saying something, because I'm definitely not a despiser of digital music. I am not a purist, do not follow any orthodox doctrine of the "right" and "true" Dub at. Everything is allowed, provided that what “comes out of the back”, as our former Chancellor put it so beautifully, is good. Which leads to a different and much more complicated discussion: What is good? In the present case, however, this discussion can be abbreviated very pragmatically, because absolutely no one will object to the uplifting music of “Natural Heitghts”.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Nice album, a good horn section always looks good ... reminds me a lot of Rico.
You should still work on the mix ... it's flat & musty and I can't see why the hi-hat has to be louder than all other instruments (Natural Heights Dub).

Greetings Rene,

I can unreservedly agree with your statements!
Guiding Star Orchestra "Natural Heights"; Tomas Hegert "Dub på Svenska “and Nils Petter Molvaer feat. Sly & Robbie, I also run disproportionately often. What all of these albums have in common is this incredible relaxation. This is exactly the Mukke I need to relax or for a relaxed breakfast. This album, unfortunately a little too short, has beautiful melodies and exudes a balance that is so rare to find. Everything that is mine is correct again Dubheart so desired.

These northern lights (Aurora borealis) are sooo incredibly beautiful and have a lot of musical skills.

So if nobody really has any objections, I have to hang a small counterweight on it so that it is not stressed too much on one side and possibly the balance is lost. If it's just about relaxing and enjoying a relaxed breakfast, then I have no objection. But if I really mean myself again
DubIf you want to have your skull blown through, then this disc is sufficient as an intro. Like most Senior Allstars things, it is a bit too serious for me. That means that nobody would get upset if this music was playing in the elevator all day. In case that sounds too toxic, I say that I have nothing against good music playing in the elevator. I can't confirm the thing with the hi-hat yet, because I would probably only really notice something like that if I were to hang out on the sofa at home, relaxing and playing this disc as a calming therapy, so to speak.
Ok, I just wanted to say something ... .. as a serious disc made for relaxation, the 5 stars are ok but for a crazy one Dubextase I would not be able to award a point.
What the “Aurora Duborealis “I can only agree. I especially like this Sheya mission Dub Disc in the “Deep In Dub“Playlist. I found the vocal disc pretty good, but of course I didn't want anything more than that Dub to. Stepper's friends would probably ask me, "Hey you little sweetheart Dubhead, where is that? Dubextase? ”I think there are a lot of good ideas and grooves for Dub available. Suitable for me both for - albeit relaxed - Dubextase as well as for excellent elevator music.

Ok, you are slowly getting to know me and you know that I have now written that relaxed from my stomach again ....... it's my first, rather spontaneous impression and maybe I would have written something completely different another day at a different time.

"XYZ The Devil Is Dead!" ……………… lemmi

“If I really mean myself again
DubWant to have the skull blown through, then this disk is enough ... "

Uuuund that's why we have a suitable, horny one for every occasion Dub ready. Long live the variety!

“Uuuund that's why we have a suitable, hot one for every occasion Dub ready. Long live the variety! "

Yo !!! …………… I have no more arguments ;-)

hey lemmi,

with Jonahgold (cool name - actually an apple variety) I have to agree with you 100%. This Stockholm engineer stayed under my radar for a long time with his Goldheart label. Incidentally, his great role models should also be "The Mighty Two (Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson)".
Somehow all these "Northern Lights" just rest in themselves.

You probably already know "Dub Steppers by Jonahgold ”from 2019. No, not brutal dull steppers, really good Dubbers ;-)

The internet also has its good sides. That's why I can say "No the"Dubsteppers "I don't know yet ……………… ;-)"

It can go so fast. I'm about to leave the field here. Weekend! But at first I skipped myself quickly and I can say, jo that also fits. However, the sound doesn't seem to be quite as sophisticated as with “Sheya Mission In Dub". That sounds a bit "smoother" and "warmer" during the Dub Steppers did not pay attention to the final mastering. So much for my spontaneous impression. Still, I like them Dubs very good too. Which brings us back to the subject of Daweh Congo. I think “Ghetto Skyline” is really awesome. And the whole Dub there is also at “Deep In Dub". For me also very big cinema!

So, let's go! Have a nice weekend ……………… .. lemmi


Does anyone of you know the Swedish reggae producer who died tragically in 2012 Dubmaster Tom "Internal Dread" Hofwander. Have times in Dubblog wanted but René had apparently not noticed him so far, in any case he does not appear anywhere in the blog.
In short: Internal Dread was THAT Dubmaster of Sweden

I'm currently doing research on the Swedish reggae scene and do a little name dropping:
Cultivation; Iya Karna, Dubadown; Internal Dread & The Reggaetarians

The Internal Dead has made good productions ... like the (also Dub-) albums from reggaeterians.
It goes in the direction of Urban Tribe Stockholm, which I really appreciate ... Steel Pulse clones. As far as I know, there are none of the latter Dub-Album.

Seine Dubalbums are still all analogue and you can listen to that in the productions. He had very close relationships with Dennis Bovell and LKJ, for whom he also did the live mixing at their concerts. Dennis Bovell is said to have taught him engineering / mixing.
Another discovery!

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