haze st Dub: A New Beginning

It's one of those releases that you stumble upon by chance. You listen in briefly, something makes you sit up and take notice. You can't say what yet, but repeated listening exposes layer by layer and ultimately something interesting, special, beautiful opens up. Something that challenges the reviewer to research. What he finally finds is the debut of a (supposedly) unknown artist, whom he would like to know more about and with whom he makes contact. It's Andrew Stoch aka Drew Keys, who goes by the pseudonym Haze St. Dub the album "A New Beginning“(Haze St. Studios). Drew is excited about the idea of ​​turning parts of an interview into a dubto incorporate review. I will email him the questions for this on December 12, 2020 - "... take your time and only answer those you find interesting".

And here we are now - with a fine album, or rather: a fine 7-track EP, which, with the exception of the track “Nebula”, seems like a single piece. Sure they are Dub-Tracks, but not of the traditional kind: The arrangements and instrumentation are a tad too imaginative and remind, also of the not particularly bass-heavy mixdown, of rock / pop instrumentals in reggae guise. This is by no means meant to be disrespectful, especially since there are obviously experienced musicians at work. Drew Keys himself plays keyboard sounds that have rarely or never been heard in the genre before; they sound contemporary, hip and could just as easily appear on a track listed on the Billboard charts. One could do something similar about his Dub-Mix say - classic echo and reverb: yes, but there are also effects that you would rather assign to a club remix. Contemporary Dub? No, that would be an exaggeration; it is rather an interesting mixture of musical skill, timbres and unusual effects. Is that still Dub or are they already instrumentals? In retrospect, some questions turn out to be completely unimportant. In any case, it's an album that the narrow horizon of the classic Dubs moves a little further back. 

Drew Keys himself is an accomplished and sought-after keyboardist and trombonist; he works with Shaggy, Arkaingelle, the Zion-I-Kings around Tippy Laurent, the Common Kings and many more on stage and in the studio. “A New Beginning” is his debut under his own label, recorded in his own studio and an important part of his musical legacy. He passed away on December 18, 2020. 

Live Dub by Haze St Dub aka Drew Keys.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Unfortunately, the interview did not take place, my reminders went unanswered. I was afraid that my questions would have gone too deep for him. I only found out about Drew Key's death a week ago. It's strange how that changed my (and maybe the readers) view of the album.

I really had to swallow in the last sentence. So first of all REST IN PEACE Andrew Stoch.

I would be DubIt's gone down like the finest olive oil. He really didn't have to die for that. I was immediately involved with the first bars. Even if they actually remind a little of rock and pop. This is especially true for me with the synth passages in the first Dub so. But it is acceptable and becomes a minor matter due to the excellent overall impression. And I can also understand that with “Nebula”. It really “falls down” and would have been useful as an intro at best. All other Dubs here are of the finest quality and I am not at all surprised that there are or have been connections to the Zion I Kings. The riddims go from smooth to really fat. DubEffects leave nothing to be desired, so that I can only be enthusiastic.
The only thing that really puzzles me is the internationally experienced one DubScouts ;-) about these super beautiful ones that broaden my (our) horizons Dubs had to stumble by accident so we could all find out about it here. Sometimes you stop over a small road block but over one of these DubWe all like to trip up Block.
Jo, that was flat but I couldn't think of anything better in a hurry.

In any case, these are great new ones Dubs!

Thank you very much ……………………… .. lemmi

The most beautiful Dubt are the ones you unexpectedly stumble upon, no?
New albums that have been announced and that one longed for must first meet the high expectations - and very few can do that.

I recommend the events in the “New Release” area of ​​to the dear readers to follow. There they are all listed immediately, the new releases - even those for which there is no or no review yet. That nobody has to stumble upon new releases anymore.

Except the "DubScouts "- they are bound to stumble all the time :)

(the designation "DubScout “is awesome ... really apt for them editors, I mean!)

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