Hazer Baba: Solveigh

Hazer Baba ??? Isn't that the Turkish company that has been producing Turkish delight since 1888, which is touted as a specialty to tourists on almost every corner of the bazaar? No not really…

Hazer Baba is a still unknown five-piece band from Glarus (CH) who have been making music since 2012 that is extremely difficult to describe and certainly not for everyone Dubwill convince blog readers. On the 2017 album "Solveigh“( Hazer Baba shows a multifaceted, virtuoso interplay with exciting arrangements and danceable rhythms. Mal is their music dubbig, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes dreamy, sometimes guitar-heavy and rocky and then again pretty close to classic roots reggae. Marcel (Masi) Stalder from DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL characterizes Hazer Baba's music as “an independent mixture of Pink Floyd and Dub". Instead of Pink Floyd, which Masi is 100% right about, I can think of some more up-to-date bands, like z. B. Archives but also Dreadzone. Nevertheless, the style of Hazer Baba cannot really be grasped. Especially when you think you finally know what the band actually sounds like, they make a clever detour and everything is back to normal. But that's exactly what makes the album so appealing to me. In my opinion, the only small weak point is the singing. By the way, Hazer Baba's current album "Terra" should be released in the next few days.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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It's great that this album is being discussed here (about three years late ... but it's better late than never) ... the Glarus guys are still very young, I've already seen them live several times and I really celebrate them ... definitely go there, if you have the opportunity ... the most astonishing thing was a concert about two years ago in Zureich, where it had a female share of more than 70% ... do you know that?
As you can see, I'm a real Hazer Baba fan and I like their mix of Floyd, Jam Band, Doors and a lot Dub. The lyrics and the singing don't bother us either! I'm really looking forward to the successor ...
Since I've got them on my radar, they have developed extremely positively, especially live ...

That's right Ras

I am one of the DubBlog readers who cannot be convinced. I don't need the first 4 at all.
Even if “Come with us” goes in my (our) direction, I have to admit that this reggae rhythm is especially good for me
mostly comes across as too sluggish. I have to think, for example, of Smile Jamaica from BMW, which is one of the tunes that Bob Marley & The Wailers would not voluntarily put on. He's really too looooam! For example, “Natural Mystic” is probably not much faster either, but because of the magic bassline it sounds to me like the “Revelation of John” or just as if Jesus speaks the three words again, which he only spoke to Thomas should have clicked. My name is actually Thomas too and that's why the Gospel of Thomas is “the only real thing” for me. I'm not just simple in that respect. Unfortunately I still don't know what these three words were and so my life remains “Natural Mystic”.
From 7/4 onwards I slowly get along with the record and especially from 3:06 onwards I am fully involved. Well
I wonder why ;-) . But actually this is too slow for me. Maybe you should let it run at 45 rpm so that you don't fall over between the individual bars. Ok, so that doesn't happen, they “pitched up” the pace a little bit, so that it sounds like “Natural Mystic” again. It's nothing bad, it's just a used stylistic device, but I only write here what strikes me sometimes more and less well. “Birds” goes really well with me rhythmically and also has a good bassline (for my taste). The singing is far from reggae style, reminds me - a little - of
Max Raabe (especially this one, ) but I actually really like Max. So I can still get along with the singing quite well. In any case, I think it's better than Romain Würgo or
Bitty Mc Clean or Duane Stevensen or ……. oh all these singers ………………… and Vp apparently thinks singing is everything …… .. yes, I digress.
I think “Weltall 1” is really great. Yes, the singing is very good, but I also like to listen to Stick Figure very much and in this regard I have hardened ;-) As far as it has come, you have to harden yourself against "wimps". The tune already satisfies my listening habits because it is classically in showcase style from about halfway in DUB transforms. And the Dub is GUUUUUUUUUUT! ( I agree ) .
I then find “Become A Star” stylistically (dramaturgically) unacceptable. Starts like a tune to hotten, but then falls into a deep pit, in which I could lie down right away, because I then find it too lame again. And once you've laid down, you're supposed to join in again at the end. That fits very well with your description of RasVorbei, where you from
"Clever swivels that set everything back to the beginning" you write. I can definitely hear ………… but I don't have to.
"Weltall 2" sounds to me like a flawless remix of Dub Spencer & Trance Hill in person. I think with all of the text here, I may write "I like" ;-) ……………
Incidentally, this also applies to “Matta”.
And I would hardly be surprised if Dub Spencer & Trance Hill didn't have their fingers in the game with "Nova".
It's just a guess, but they can admit that now ;-).
Mmmmmmmh, for the fact that the album couldn't really convince me, I still found a lot of good vibes when I read through my comment here. Just as not all that glitters is gold, a shiny layer can also emerge under a matt surface if you only polish it thoroughly enough. And I can't get rid of the feeling that I've just thoroughly polished the disc for myself.

How did Zohan always say so beautifully? "I will make you silky shiny" ……………… lemmi

Yes, the more you listen to the album, the more associations with the music of other bands are unleashed. The vocals sometimes sound like David Gilmour, sometimes Jim Morrison and sometimes ... choose it. Once you get used to the singing, it doesn't come across as a “small weak point” at all. “Solveigh” is actually an acoustic journey of discovery with every new hearing. But you also have to get involved with this crazy mixture.

No, I haven't yet attended concerts with 70% women. Always thought that this was only available in boy groups ;-)

@ lemmi
For the fact that this album could not really convince you, it elicited a lot of thought games from you. Always nice to read! ;-)

I'm currently listening to Solveigh more often and I'm looking forward to the successor "Terra", which will be available from June 12.06.20th, XNUMX ... I'm very curious to see how the Glarner boys will develop ...

Hi Philipp,

I feel the same way, Hazer Baba is also pretty high on my list of “new discoveries”. “Solveigh” offers an insane mixture in a positive sense and I very much hope that Hazer Baba will stay true to her line on her new album. We'll know more in a little over two weeks.

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