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There has been a band in northeast New Jersey since 2015 that began as a duo and has been a trio since 2017, High discipline. The three gentlemen (bass, drums, guitar, synth) found each other via the Internet and soon discovered that musically they had a lot of overlap. Her main influences are the great admiration for the Bad Brains, Adrian Sherwoods productions, King Tubby, The Grateful Dead, Syd Barrett, the early Pink Floyd, but also some Dub- and classic rock influences are unmistakable. The musical influences mentioned alone suggest a wild mix. On the 2018 self-produced debut, simply "High discipline“(Ernest Jenning Record Co.), the trio makes exciting, hard-to-describe music because it defies any genre classification. Perhaps it could best be described as a kind of spacy-trippy-surfydubDesignate a by-free form jam session. Sorry, but I don't have a more accurate description ready.
In any case, with High Disciple we have one of those bands that pushes the boundaries of the Dub re-explores, shifts it far into other areas, has no reservations and does not really fit into any drawer. For hardcore reggaeDub-Friends, the work of High Disciple should be nothing. For me personally, something like that is really good.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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"Spacy-surfy-dubby free-form-jam-session “!!!

High Ras This description actually suits me very well.

I also really like the music here. I make no secret of the fact that the mixer is the most important instrument for me DUB Music is. I don't care if I turn to hardcore reggae Dub Scene belongs or not. If I like it, then that's the way it is and it's good.
With “High Disciple” I especially like the openness and extreme spatiality of the synthesizers and guitars.
Once again SPACE is in fashion. Sometimes the ghosts fly "in person" through the room and create a pleasant shudder and if I'm not mistaken, a little raptor from Juressic Park will stop by and announce its presence with hidden sounds. But for that you need "perfect pitch" or my kind of imagination. In any case, I heard a raptor-like being hidden there.

“Not exactly an anymal… .. it was something else” (should be a quote from William S. Burroughs, but it didn't quite work out) …………… .. lemmi

Lemmi you idiot!

Now you've completely forgotten to write that "Critical Mass" is the top hit here on the album (tssssss ...).

Yes yes "album" would be nice …………… .. lemmi

There must be something to the thing with Bill Laswell, because I immediately thought of Roots Tonic meets Bill Laswell ;-)

But I was too lazy to google it because the name Roots Tonic was not on the tip of my tongue. Now that you mentioned Bill, I had to look again. And lo and behold, there is once again a quantum physical connection.

But Bill Laswell is also really difficult. I once heard an amazing collaboration with Style Scott on the internet. But has now been deleted. There was then another record with Style Scott to buy, but I find it boring. I have at home.
It's typical of my life again, what I want doesn't really exist and what I can get is no good to me.

Greetings ………… lemmi

Now you've caught me in all my ignorance.
The three Dubs on youtube were already deleted and I found them again today. This is exactly the meeting I meant. I also discovered it on Spotify. Although I've heard of this album before, I wasn't in the least aware that the three of them Dubs are on it. Until today I thought it was some brilliant live recording !!!
In any case, the freak on Youtube has exactly the three best Dubs picked out and cut one behind the other.
Most of the others DubBut s from “Meltdown” have a bassline that is too “bulky” for my taste.

Still, I have to see if I can get the disc somewhere …… .. lemmi

Thanks for the positive feedback, you can't imagine how long I was undecided whether High Disciple should be featured in the Dubblog. I think like you: definitely

Stay tuned ...

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