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Hollie Cook: Twice

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I have to get rid of it: I'm totally flashed by Hollie Cook's new album right now Twice. Such a wacky, cool combination of superb, ultra-tightly produced Ska and Reggae rhythms and Hollie's bright, floating voice - that just makes me happy. And then there are the strings that totally annoyed me with the Trojan productions of the 70s - here they are used congenially. Then there are just great melodies and beautiful, touching lyrics. But the best thing is that Twice designed as a showcase album, so Hollies songs seamlessly into one Dub- Skip version. Great.
That producer Prince Fatty and Hollie Cook are a winning team, they have already proven on Hollie's debut album. On Twice now outdo yourself.
Rating 5 stars

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No question about it, a great album… imo thanks to Prince Fatty's very good production and his incredibly rich mix. What surprises me: My album (from iTunes) is not a showcase album; There is none Dubs on it, only 2 numbers are a little longer with approx. 6 minutes (due to longer instrumental passages). Are there several versions of “Twice”?

A nice little album indeed, but overall I liked the debut better. My iTunes version doesn't come across like a showcase album, it consists of only nine tracks, two or three of which have a slightly longer instrumental section at the end. Do you have another version

You are right: I exaggerated a bit with the term “showcase album”. "Extended Versions" would have been more appropriate.


And here I have to confirm again that you just have a clue of super monkey tits horny music. Holly Cook and everything that has to do with Prince Fatty will follow soon Dub Syndicate. (Smily with tears of joy in her eyes). That's why I'm so excited. We just both have very good taste in music;). But don't worry, I “know” you are married.

Greetings ………… lemmi

If I were multibillionaire, like for example the zuckerberg, I would watch the entire reggae and Dub Seize the market and become a music dictator.
Prince Fatty has long had the money from me for the long overdue one Dub - Received album from "Twice".

Unfortunately I have to keep dreaming of great wealth ………………… .. lemmi

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