Horace Andy: Broken Beats 2

(This text has been machine translated.) It's been seven years since Echo Beach asked the master singer Horace Andy into the studio to play his big hits with new, contemporary rhythms. The result was called "Broken Beats". Now follows "Broken Beats 2" (Echo Beach), on which new rhythms can be heard - but garnished with the same, well-known vocal recordings. Echo Beach have put an incredible 27 tracks into the digital version of the album. Since the material of "Broken Beats 1" only comprises eight songs by Horace Andy, this means that on "Broken Beats 2" all songs are performed several times. The front runner is “Money, Money”, which is presented here in ten versions. Why the whole thing here in the dubblog shows up? Because the backings are made by illustrious Dub Artists, such as Subatomic Sound System, Adubta, Adam Prescott, Dreadzone or Jah Schulz - to name just a few. In addition to the many versions, there are some extremely beautiful Dubs - for me the real highlights of the XXL album, because as much as I have always liked Horace Andy's voice and songs, it annoys me to have to hear the same melodies over and over again over the exorbitant length of the album. Hence the Dubs here are islands of relaxation and recreation in a sea of ​​“Cuss Cuss” and “Money Money”. Quite apart from the fact that the quality of the productions does only in the Dubs really come into its own. But unfortunately, unfortunately there are far too few of them on “Broken Beats 2”. But the way I know Echo Beach, it will soon be one called "Broken Beats 3" Dub-Album appear.

For friends of the black gold there is also a "Broken Beats 1 & 2 Vinyl Edition" with eight songs and a very nice cover.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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At the first sound check I thought:

Broken Beats 1 is just fine for me. Nothing has changed in that regard so far ……………. lemmi

I don't know any better, but I HAVE (!) Everything better ;-)

(For my taste, mind you / The things I like best are almost as much on older records / For example on the fantastic vinyl range from Echo Beach called "Select Cuts" / that's why all of this is not really new for me and certainly not better in any way)
I'm very ambivalent about that. On the one hand, the old riddims still crack the best for me and the "CussCuss" always works for me! Even if I whistle at work here at work. On the other hand, I don't find it particularly creative when you've brewed tunes that have already been warmed up umpteen times and then brewed them again and then brewed them again before brewing them again. At some point, even the fattest soup will lose its taste or the ingredients are simply too soft. It's just my opinion, one may also feel that quite differently.

Cheers ……………. lemmi

Jo lemmi!

And what's more, you get the feeling of a "Dub - or Horace Andy Overkills “if only brand new, unrecycled Riddims and VocalTunes were produceddubbe bed. We can't squeeze out the fruits that once grew in Jamaica for the next four hundred years until the last drop has seeped away in randomness.

"400 Years, 400 Years and it's still the same philosophy" or "fülosofü" ……… lemmi

Oh, should that weaken my "reasoning"?

I was a bit dizzy and so I checked again. The Select Cuts series I was referring to is actually from
Now I would be inclined to say, no wonder they are so good. But that would cast a shadow over Echo Beach. But I won't let anything go to Echo Beach either, because they have already delivered really fat in the past.
Nevertheless, there are also “Select Cuts” from Echo Beach.

So long …………………… lemmi

“Always this nagging” from someone who thinks he knows everything better and is completely unresponsive to criticism. This also turns out to be an Anonymous shoe.
Now let's be honest, after this monster pack of 10 times "Money Money", 6 times "Skylarking" and 4 times "Cuss Cuss", it's not just Horace Andy who walks with a stick.

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