I Fi Meets Askan Vibes: Well Conscious

Askan vibes has already caught my eye several times positively on some ODGProd publications. Most recently with the last work of "Art-X - Nomad".

In the last few days the French label released "I Fi meets Askan Vibes - Well Conscious" (, a Showcase album of the same name, which has been running every day for me since then and always inspires me. Especially the four Dubs from Askan Vibes have done it to me. Actually, it's nothing special, it's just really cool, sometimes very well-known riddims without much fuss in the classic style of the 70s. The vocal part of this album just convinces me. The Singjay "I Fi" has not appeared anywhere for me and information about it is unfortunately in short supply on the web. Just this much, his voice is very pleasant and the lyrics, presented in patois, are real conscious.

There is hardly much more information about Askan Vibes at the mixing desk. It is said to be a one-man studio project from Paris, whose penchant for roots reggae & Dub obviously goes back to the already often mentioned 70s. The multi-instrumentalist should compose the riddims himself and record them in his own "Vineyard Studio", where he will then also do the overdubs and does the mixing. Yes, many riddims are (very) old friends from the Jamaican studios and not their own compositions. This has a very long tradition in Jamaica, copyright - like Askan Vibes - is not exactly what it is anyway. Askan Vibes releases mainly but not exclusively on the label "Vinyard Records", which he founded. He (s) also works with other labels and artists, including Roberto Sanchez (Lone Ark). The French don't just do steppers, these are strikkly roots.

Finally, a recommendation from last year: Imanytree Meets Askan Vibes - Inna Old Fashioned Stylee (

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 responses to "I Fi Meets Askan Vibes: Well Conscious"

Hey Ras Vorbei !

First of all, congratulations on your promotion !!!

When I read the review, I thought “you have already read that exactly.” René takes over
now just the texts from Ras Vorbei ?

No, he took over you completely, as I can see! Cool ;-)

Yes, you can read what I think of Askan Vibes at Papa Dee. In any case, everything you write about it is true. Or. I see it exactly that way.

Cheers …………………. lemmi

Thanks lemmi!
Nice that you had a déjà vu, I've been with you for two months.

I like the Askan Vibes so much that I really wanted to introduce them to a larger group. Therefore a great review with a cover

Geez !

The fine print has never been mine. Gtkritz is also included.

The way I see it now, things are happening in quick succession with new reviews. Let's see if I can still catch up.
In any case, I am still looking forward to good tips!

Until …………… .. lemmi

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