I Neurologici: I Neurologici

At high tide Dub-Albums to us Dub-Nerds overrun almost every day, treasures are often overlooked that deserve to be examined more closely. For this reason I like to go for a foray through my archive from time to time and usually find what I am looking for. This is what happened to "I Neurologici" one Dub-Collective from Rome, which since its founding in 1995 and phases of trying out, the cornerstones of their music, a melange of roots reggae, Dub with minor ethnic influences, created. The present album "I Neurologici“Was recorded in 1999 and brought to the people as a mini edition of 500 LPs in a timely manner. Sixteen years later "I Neurologici" was remastered and the album pimped up with some "alternate mixes".
Already the first track "440 Hz" is completely convincing and immediately hooked me with its rolling bassline. “SpaziAl Roots” starts spartan with bass and keyboard, until majestic flute sounds by Alessandro Mazzioti join in and create a hazy soundscape that is not entirely unlike some of Lee Perry's “far out moments”. Followed by “Boleto”, a variation on Maurice Ravel's “Bolero”, which briefly has a few punk rhythms in the middle that are reminiscent of the early Bad Brains. I could now discuss each track individually, because each has its own special charm, but that would go beyond the scope here. One more thing should be emphasized: Alessandro Mazziotti's transverse flute runs like a red thread through the recordings and the opulent use of DubEffects create a rich, bass-laden psychedelic.

In conclusion, it only remains to point out that the album “fer umme”, as the man from Palatinate says, is available for free. "I Neurologici" are still active today and worked with Zion Train last year.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I know by my standards I'm late for commenting on this DubWork is concerned but sometimes the “living conditions” just don't allow it.

The first one has Dub generates the greatest euphoria in me that Dub can generate with me. I swear, if I didn't know better based on the review, I would have bet house and yard (even if I neither have one nor the other) that 440 Herz is a - so far unknown - Dub from the Mighty Dub Syndicate acts. The style is almost identical to me and the RiddimKeyboard sounds especially good in this one Dub - for me - almost identical, like the keyboard in most of the live concerts that I played at Dub Syndicate was allowed to experience. I haven't checked it again but I believe so Dub Syndicate "Live At the Maritime (e) Hall" should be quite understandable what I mean. At least in some of them Dubs. The BassLine also got me on the hook straight away and then there are beautiful, playful ones, like on the whole album DubEffects that do not remind me of Adrian Sherwood but also show a certain willingness to experiment. The associations to the effects are certainly not the same for everyone, but for me the spectrum goes far beyond space and occasionally "beyond". So here and there I think I can recognize the beam noises that always arise when "DJ" Scotty, for example, beamed the Spock on board or off board again. Not exactly (it's clear) but you just have to hear it with my ears ;-). In addition, I sometimes also hear effects that sound like the ignition of the warp drive and once you are on the move that fast, the attentive listener may hear the sounds that may arise in the wormhole itself, just like me. I admit, I can't prove that, because I've never been fully conscious in a wormhole, but I'm also sure that nobody can convince me otherwise ;-) ......
Yes, and then there is also this flute, which has accompanied me very positively through the entire album and perhaps just to confirm me, plays a melody at 440 Hz that immediately seemed familiar to me. Now I'm even getting really serious and backing up my knowledge with irrefutable facts. Please refer :
"People you've got it now" "Roots and Culture" "Lion Of Judah" "The Mighty On .U Sound Is in The Area"

Mmmmh, so much text and mostly just for the first time Dub. I'm afraid that if I keep doing this I'll still be sitting here on Monday morning. But it is enough for me if I sit here “against” Monday morning.
Der erste Dub but it is also really “too good” and from my point of view is only roughly achieved by “SpaziAlRoots” in terms of my euphoric feelings. I also think the Bolero is particularly successful in terms of drum technology and I am also impressed by the various beautiful experiments on the snare drum. I have the Dub initially felt to be a bit "hooked". So somehow the rhythm made me feel like being a dry slice of bread and nothing to wash down. Or something like that. But that is explained really well by the punk rhythms. Thank you RasVorei!
Yes and from the middle it goes Dub then also for me through the middle! (The wording was just obvious to me now).

I'll do it like RasVeit now and grab everyone else Dubs together. There is not a single filler for me. They really each have for themselves, at least one, very special charm.
The power of the first two BassLines is a little less for my taste, but they are DubEffects - again and again especially on the drums - bring my little gism into my big one over the entire length of the album DubSkulls glow again and again.
The alternate mixes I would call that DubMix from the previous ones Dubdenote s. They all have their charm too, even if they don't sound quite as spectacular to me as they do Dubs before. But that can change with every further run of the entire disc ....... (do not change).

Finally, I would like to emphasize that I do not believe it, the 440 Hz really not from the DubSyndicate itself was recorded. So far it has always been completely clear to me that SOWAS can only do that Dub syndicate.
Yeah, I know RasGo by! Facts remain facts! But I find it really difficult to accept that ……………… .. ;-)

Then I'll go into the gate again ....................................... lemmi

Oh, I can see on the cover right now, I've forgotten something.
I didn't realize that the aliens on the other side of the wormhole were also interested in the glory days of Ferrari with Michael Schumacher.
Or did the Italians take this newspaper with them on their trip to show the other beings of the universe what else is going on here on earth besides

So long ……………………… lemmi aka The HeadWorker ;-)

(there is also badminton here !!!)

Hi lemmi, chapeau!

You have perfect pitch. I also had the déjà-vu at "440 Hz", or here it was more the déjà écouté effect. Believe me, I almost looked for the "wolf", but I never found it for the sake of frustration. With Dub Syndicate I was on the right track, but I still didn't find anything. Great that you could help me now. Thank you! Next time I better ask you right away ;-)

The "boys" have to be good.

I also really like the album. For me, the bass doesn't always have to blow everything away. Here it is the BassLines and generally the groovy interplay of the musicians that cast a spell over me.

I would even say that they play “crisper” than Mellow Mood!

These neurologists are very good for my nerves ………… lemmi

yeah i think it's really cool that you publish music under a free license, that's the second dub disc to hotrop on the aqbmp label i know .. But if why not publish it for commercial use then i could use the music in my youtube videos. Too bad dub so well suited for film .. somehow we are software developers as musicians ...

"Somehow we are software developers further than musicians ..."

Sorry duborganizer! But it can't stop like that for me. The sentence provokes me to the utmost. Software developer more than musician ......
Grumble grumble. My enthusiasm for music is simply too great for that. Admittedly, software developers have made some nice inventions for me and also made things easier. I am thinking primarily of technical drawing or construction and of course a lot of auxiliary programs for simulations of all kinds. But with music, software clearly reaches its limits. The ones obviously made on the computer Dubs, are still somewhat sterile. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but they can replace the instruments and certainly not the musicians. My fear is that most people will get used to this and lose their hearing for real music. Then they just want to hear sterile "on / off music" and all the good honest music goes down the drain. Today I don't know anyone who is around 10 or more years younger than me and who can do without the “EgoShooter” program. They were all born with a "dongle" in their asses and especially rave about the graphics that exist today. For me, this whole thing stays boring and I sometimes wonder who is wrong with who here. Why do I find what is going on there so banal and all the other people who are younger than me are so crazy about it. Oh oh, I'm afraid that René would also turn in his grave as a graphic designer if he were already there. (High René,
I hope you are not superstitious and can continue to live well with my formulation and for a really long time ;-))
Yes, that's the way it is. Basically I would delete this comment again, but I announced that I still have something to complain about here and I wanted to keep my word without really being convinced that my words are tenable or bearable.
I still don't enjoy working with the computer. I'm more manual and, above all, analogue. The shitty “dictation” or digital dictatorship sometimes makes my work a hell of a lot. Just for a very simple order, where a year ago a simple phone call was enough, a program has to be worked through today that only the software developer (it-fuzzi) can understand himself. Everyone else hate it (at first! / People get used to everything / also to "on-off-music") This should make the ordering process easier overall and, in particular, automate the payment transaction. This should bring a relief for everyone, especially for the secretaries. But if it does, the time that it saves in the end with the secretaries is now lost twice or three times. The profit is therefore a "minus girl account". Milkmaid invoice would still work.
Then these annoying analog recording programs in the computer are only for people who sleep in the computer. It takes so much time and trying things out that in the end I don't feel like playing anymore.

Boah EY ! Sorry folks ... maybe that wasn't really necessary, but it came back to me like that.

I hope you still "love" me ;-) …………………… lemmi

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