iGL & Alecho: Revolution

Okay, you can really get excited about the fact that “real” sound systemDub has been standing still for 25 years, but you can also be happy about that Dub takes exciting new paths in the vicinity of electronic minimal music. The album is a really nice example of this "Revolution" by iGL & Alecho (Dubphonics). The duo Konstantinos & Alexandra lives and works in Athens, where this album was also recorded. It's unmistakably offbeat-driven Dub, which, however, subtly has one foot in the electronic music genre and cleverly explores the possibilities of crossovers. I particularly like the finely balanced arrangements of the minimalist-looking rhythms. Surprisingly, they are by no means monotonous or even boring, but rather exciting audio pieces - which are worth getting involved with. At the Sound System Clash, no one would think of playing music by iGL & Alecho, but anyone who indulges in contemplation and listens carefully (at best through headphones) will be entertained in an intelligent way. By the way, that doesn't mean that the music lacks power and dynamism. Not at all. The beats are quite impressive - at the right volume. Since the tracks consistently avoid boasting, big pants and aggression, the pleasant impression of real relaxation is conveyed. Very pleasant.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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O=k, there was enough time to give the album even more “good vibes” in the form of comments.
Now I'm not saying that I think that's bad. But it's far from inspiring me in any way.
You are there, DubMusic that has been lovingly screwed together in valuable handwork, with an organic-looking technique, to be reduced to ones and zeros and that Dub thus putting on an industrial, slimmed-down, reduced plastic shell aimed at minimalism. I am fundamentally against that!!! Even if it doesn't completely repel me, it holds up compared to real instruments and analogue ones DubThe technology simply wasn't up to snuff. But since there are more than enough of them, I have to take care of them digitallydubDon't worry any further.

“Bad Vibes, Bad Vibes, what you gonna do? What are you going to do when they come for you?” …………………… lemmi

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