Indicates Dubs Meets Vibronics: Highest Principles of Dub

"The Highest Principles of Dub“- I have to admit that this title absolutely catches me. An album with this title has to be heard! This is about the principle - about it Dub-Principle. So not just a few nice ones Dubs, but something fundamental. About something that Dub at the core. And let's be honest: don't we all want to know? Of course we know the ingredients of Dub great and we can usually say exactly which one Dub we like it and which one doesn't. We can even justify it - mostly with taste judgments like “I don't like slack basslines”. But we know why Dub fascinated us so much? Why do we listen to it so much? Why do we fill up record shelves and virtual media libraries with it? Yes, why have we invested a lot, a lot of money in it in our lifespan? No, we don't know. The origin of our passion remains unknown to us, remains a mystery. Can we tell us “Highest Principles of Dub“By Indica Dubs Meets Vibronics Enlighten? Can this work make us the principle of Dub lead that finally lets us see what Dub and where does our passion originate? Well, whoever is on solid sound systemDub stands, he could come to a knowledge here, because the ones presented here14 Dub- Principles show where the hammer hangs in the sound system. Sukh - former protégé of Dougie Conscious - got together with him and formulated the principles. It is logical that it is not about variations and current fashions, but about the fundamentals. This is why we are dealing with ultra-orthodox UKDub to do - not to say: with steppers! I know that im here steppers dubblog is sometimes a catchy word. Sorry! But STEPPERS has to be like here with Sukh and Dougie: hard, straight, uncompromising, deep and fast. But with a sense of proportion! The two don't overdo it. The structure remains clearly recognizable, there are melodies and arrangements - and yes, even the mix has a certain dramaturgy inherent in it. I still don't know why I am Dub love - but i know i love this Dubs love.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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10,9,8, …… 3,2,1 The time is up! you had your chance! Now it's my turn again ;-)!

Nice review René! This is not just about Dubbut about love! Isn't it fascinating that a - in the opinion (!) Of scientists - accidentally created universe in which everything was formed from more or less randomly composed atoms, something like people who are able to feel something like love? !? Something that consists neither of dark nor of light matter? I find it just as fascinating that music can have such a fascinating effect on us humans. Just the other day, in a movie, Jemad strummed a few chords on his guitar. Usually I get a kind of paralysis from SoloGuitarrengeklimpere because it has such an image for me as if I were to eat a plate of muesli porridge at the Federal Horticultural Show. But this guitarist played exactly the right chords in the “right” order at that moment, so that I got “official” goose bumps (for which music without bass and drum is actually not audible). Fascinating!
The question “why us Dub so fascinated “I honestly can't explain it rationally, but trying to explain it - at least for me - I find it too exciting that I won't at least try. I don't know yet whether I'll try that. “Time will tell” …….
Of course, I also noticed this Vibronics disc in the Release Radar. And I was close to commenting on that as a positive example for steppers. It's not quite as monotonous for steppers as most UK steppers boards - which I felt that way - without flexibility in bass lines and effects. For me, Vibronics is one of those steppers producers who are not really “dull” stepping along. There is usually something going on “upstairs” (as the saying goes). For me it becomes particularly interesting through the use of percussive "instruments" or even percussive effects. On the whole, however, my soul still remains from this very machine-like sound
too much on the line. In addition, the BassLines are not only "too limp" very often, but also too "cold", too monotonous and also seem to have heard nothing of variety. Therefore, Steppers remains as a Dub for me probably only the second choice for a long time.
So let's stay with the fascination. I find it fascinating for me that I also hear the again today Dubs the “Free Speech Dub“Wanted to add it to my Steppers playlist. But it didn't work because I got the message that the Dub is already in my Steppers playlist. Something has to be this one Dub To do so well for me that I only wanted to add this album to my playlist and none of the others from this album.

For me there is a certain ember in the review that still glows strongly under the surface and can start a fire at any time. I'll blow in here a little to rekindle the fire. “What is the core of Dub ?!? "I put this question back a bit, but when the Steppers fans say, only UK Steppers or" only Steppers "at all
is “really more fascinating Dub“I have to say that it is the essence of it Dub by a long way have not yet recognized or achieved. They still have to fight their way through many layers of earth that have grown through with strong roots.

I have the disc “Understand what Dub Is “and that gives me a much wider horizon and a better understanding of Dub than all those who have one DubWeekender have not come out yet ………………………. Fyahhhhhhhhh ;-) !!!

So long …………………… lemmi

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