Indicates Dubs Meets Vibronics: Principles of Dubplate

After Indica Dubs and Steve Vibronics published the “Highest Principles of Dub' proclaimed, push them now Indicates Dubs Meets Vibronics: “Principles of Dubplate" (Indica Dubs) after. It is about the "six most popular tracks" from the Highest Principles album compressed onto three 10" vinyl singles - as a "deluxe version", supplemented by an alternative mix (such as z. B. instrumental or vocal mixes). In other words: every track is available as a double pack – in the most beautiful Sound System style. And as befits Dubplates, the sound sounds nice and offensive and direct - no wonder, since everything was also mixed louder. But I also really like the unreleased mixes and versions. Even Danny Red's vocal track has its appeal. But in the end one has to state that the USP of these releases is the form of the 10" vinyl singles. Interestingly, the tracks of the singles are also available in the stream - as an album! Then the home sound system feeling is lost, but the double packs are still nice.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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I bought all three 10inches after being a little late on the record (and now it's only available on Discogs for an obscenely high price). So unfortunately not a nice cover but the full Steppa program. I'm really looking forward to hearing the songs on my new turntable and speakers this year. Thanks for the discussion here.

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