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International Observer: Bat

(This text has been machine translated.) I'm slowly running out of words of praise. I've already written my fingers sore about the works of International Observer - behind which the lead singer of the historic Thompson Twins, Tom Bailey, hides. I love his relaxed Dubs beyond measure. What fascinates me most is that on the one hand they are incredibly relaxed, but on the other hand they are extremely exciting. It's a crazy paradox. Who knows reggae and Dub from New Zealand, can guess what I mean by that: Perfectly timed rhythms full of groove and inner tension, presented in slow motion. Fascinating. Tom Bailey also knows his trade. His tracks are superbly produced: crisp, dynamic, full-sounding. And then there is the ingenious arrangement, the fantastic bass lines and the wonderful, colorful, shimmering melodies. Everything from the mix interwoven into a large, comprehensive, multi-layered euphony.

There is actually no category or the dubs by Tom Bailey. It is undoubtedly one hundred percent reggae-dub technical perfection, which at the same time has completely emancipated itself from reggae. Crazy, right? Tom has created a completely independent dub-style that admittedly makes use of the reggae aesthetic, but otherwise leaves genre conventions behind. No “Yeah” exclamations, no sirens, no steppers, no historical basslines or brass sections - observer Dubs are utterly themselves, without quotes and superficial references. That's why I can't even imagine his music at a sound system event, even with the best of intentions. Unthinkable! But it would be perfect for a New Zealand pop open air festival.

The meticulousness of the productions also explains why the Observer only sporadically releases new EPs (let alone complete albums). Here quality comes before quantity. "Bat“ (Dubmission) is his latest work. After “Mink” and “Pangolin” it is the third EP in the “animal series” - and this is of course as excellent as all other works of this extraordinary dub-protagonist.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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When I listened to this EP on Release Radar for the first time, I wanted to write a little spontaneous comment about it.
“By default good”! If it had been my comment and if it weren't for me too, slowly but surely running out of words of praise, I would write even more, but for an EP I'm not going to make this "effort". Little DubTunes don't give a lot of thought that needs to be put into words.
What fits in here particularly well with my stuff is the far-reaching renunciation of his strange keyboard. It is also used here briefly, but seems to me to be a little less penetrative in the foreground than in earlier versions DubProjects from the inrenational observer. It's not ubiquitous there either, but sometimes it almost seems like a kind of trademark of his. In any case, it often has a rather unfavorable recognition effect where the I.Observer can be clearly identified. Is not the case here and I am very happy.
I also always enjoy listening to the I.Observer, although sometimes I'm a little bored. That happens when I just want to fully enjoy life again in real time and the stretching of time with slow motion does not suit the moment. But it doesn't change anything. The International Observer can do it.
I just have to listen to something from the Thompson Twins (actually, I should know them from the radio). Good Tom Bailey has exactly what I give everyone DubWould wholeheartedly wish producers wholeheartedly “Enough” coal on the high edge thanks to his radio hits and thus financial independence from the taste of the mainstream and the regulations of the music industry. If you are not relaxed, you are to blame ?!

If gtkriz finds himself in my explanations about the keyboard sound, I have to admit, YES, I only really became aware of this strange keyboard through him.
Before, it probably only annoyed me occasionally in the subconscious, but with gtkriz I paid more attention to it and now I listen to certain DubIt's just this messed up keyboard ;-)
No problem, because there is enough Dubs without that weird part.

What did the previous speaker say?

“Nice this music!” …… I don't have anything to add either …………………… .. lemmi

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