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International Observer: Escape From the Dungeons of Dub (EP)

How should be more contemporary Dub sound? A big question that everyone will have their own answer to. Let's approach the answer ex negativo. 1. Hardly any production is produced in Jamaica Dubwhat jamaican Dub does not make a promising candidate in the sense of our question. What echoes from the island to us mostly sounds like an update of the classic Dub-Sounds by Tubby & Co. There is a lack of depth, consistency and magic. 2. The antithesis to this sound might be UK steppers: bass, heaviness and dark magic. Does that make steppers more modern? In proportion, yes, because Steppers fuses classic Dub with a modern club sound. But although the style has become harder and more intense, it is basically based on a pattern developed in the 1990s and used since then. Anyone who has ever tried to date a steppers tune knows how difficult it is. So maybe not a convincing answer to our initial question. 3. Then there is the fully digital laptopDub, often screwed together by techno-socialized home musicians. Yes, Dub from the perspective of electronic music is already basically a modern concept. Even if all traditionalists clap their hands over their heads and talk about soulless music: laptopDub is definitely a contemporary form, even if the results are often not convincing on a purely aesthetic level. 4. And one more possible answer to our question: retroDub à la Prince Fatty. Absolutely eclectic and of course already postmodern. But ultimately “just” a clever quote from the original. But there is another possible answer: 5., the International Observer, aka Tom Bailey. He just put his new EP "Escape From the Dungeons of Dub" (Dubmission records) and with it my personal definition of modern Dub. It's one hundred percent reggaeDub In absolute technical perfection, which at the same time has completely emancipated itself from reggae. Crazy, right? But that's exactly what makes the music of the ex-Thompson Twins head Tom Bailey so modern. It is just autonomous. A completely independent music, which admittedly makes use of the formal aesthetics of reggae, but otherwise completely ignores the genre conventions, which gives it an astonishing independence. There is simply no suitable one Dub- drawer for her. But it is not only their autonomy, the observerDubs owe their unique quality. It's simply the great compositions, beautiful melodies, the sophisticated arrangement, the perfect timing and the incredibly dynamic, clean sound. With every beat it becomes clear that here with Tom Bailey an exceptional talent is at work, who, beyond commercial interests and scene credibility, is selfishly the pure desire for good Dub-Music has prescribed.

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“How should be more contemporary Dub sound ?"
Me, because of his enthusiasm for reggae and Dub, sometimes delusions of megalomania, have the ultimate answer:
More contemporary Dub should always sound timeless. Then it fits into any time. That goes for any good music that you want to listen to for more than a week. I still get goosebumps today when Kate Bush sings her "Wuthering Heights". It's the same with Passenger by Iggy Pop and… .. well, the list would be pretty long. I'm glad there are all forms of DubThere are those that you listed from 1 to 5.
I also think the International Observer is great. But if it's just "its shape" of Dub would give me all the other very good ones Dubs since it Dub there are missing. Unless I didn't even know her. Then the following applies: “What you don't know doesn't make you hot”.
My special problem is that nowadays almost everyone is able to play music in the home studio and also Dubto assemble s. The problem is not always the quality, but the sheer mass of productions, which primarily overwhelms me in terms of time.
Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult for me to pick the creme de la creme. It can then lead to a kind of oversaturation and I have to limit myself to the creme de la creme with icing on top. And for me, too, the International Observer is definitely one of them.
It is very important that the respective musician has the necessary talent. Talent is just the scientific word for God's blessing! Although I am far from God (megalomania lurks everywhere), the International Observer has my blessings.

Greetings …………………… .. lemmi

Hi Lemmi,
there is unmistakably an evolution in popular music. The styles change, new ones are added and our listening habits (not to mention the technical possibilities) change too. Please refer z. B. "Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System: Super Ape Returns to Conquer," where that can be read wonderfully. But I agree with you in so far as that the masterpieces from every era keep their validity - but they do not become over time.
Where you are absolutely right, of course: Music should be diverse. That's what makes her fun. Only one valid style, a style dictatorship, would be terrible. Fortunately, since we live in such an incredibly pluralistic time, we don't need to worry. Diversity is the magic formula - artistically as well as socially.

By the way, I'm listening to this great album:


It's going to be really good again! I don't know what soundboys call this riddim, but I call it "World A Music Riddim". Although the bassline is really simple, there is a tremendous power behind it. That's my definition of oomph! I like the whole disc (?) Or I like all the data that my brain converts into sound. Well, there is a lot of technology before that.
No. 8 with this bassline that reminds me extremely of one of the best Skatalites tunes I know. It once ran in Aki Karismäki's strip (I'm too lazy to see how it is written) in the background, while Tom Waits held a little reasoning with a Rasta at Cigaretts and Coffee. I only understood the whole film in this scene. Otherwise I wouldn't have known what that was supposed to mean. Yes and the last one Dub also reminds me of one of the great moments of reggae. Plastic Smile from Black Uhuru. Sly and Robbie in top form and at the zenith of their work!
Why do I mention this?
Psychology! Or. does this have something to do with my and or our psyche? Why do the riddims from my youth still turn me on the most? Probably because back then I couldn't do anything with the word erectile dysfunction!?! (Ouch, sometimes I should filter my thoughts a little more ... oh no matter, the main thing is that it grooves).
Anyway, I would be happy if one day - while I was still alive - a disc would be released on which the best Skatalites - tunes (are there any bad ones? ... yes sometimes the saxophone is really too loud and distorted) of a Dub Wizzard can really be catapulted into a distant future by the Echo and Hall transformer.

Anyway, I could do more DubBut please don't use this hyperactive punk ska. Or. this so-called ska, which overtakes itself and thus becomes a zero number. The bevel is so shifted that the clock frequency really overlaps and thus extinguishes itself. I assume no liability for the logic of this statement. But I hope that my contempt for it has come across to some extent ;-)

"Cigarettes and Coffee is Healthy" …………………… .. lemmi

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