Interview with Jah Schulz

Your name: Michael Fiedler

You live in: near Stuttgart

Title of your last album:
"Dub Showcase”, from 2022. The new single “Stories” was released on March 1st, 3

What is your personal definition of Dub?
future music

What makes a good one Dub out?
He puts a spell on you, hypnotizes you. In fact, if I get a little sleepy at home, that's a good sign.

How do you have your passion for Dub discovered and how have you and your music developed since then?
I am via detours (jungle, breakbeats, techno) to Dub came. Reggae didn't interest me much at the time. But the music I loved as a child and teenager has always had a lot to offer Dub to do: bass lines, delay, Dub-Samples. As a young adult in the late 90s, I discovered Tubby & Contemporaries.

How does the creation process of a typical Dub-Tracks from you?
Very different. An interesting sample or loop, a theme. The rest will come by itself.

When are you with one of your produced Dub-Track satisfied?
At some point it just “clicks”. I'm not a perfectionist, that's an advantage. Some tunes take a little longer, others work within hours. But sometimes I bite my teeth out. But at some point a good feeling in my stomach tells me: it's done now.

What about producing Dub most importantly?
Imagination, willingness to experiment, not afraid of mistakes.

What is your particular strength?
I can work very quickly when I have a concrete idea.

Which album do you consider your best?
"Dub over science” from 2020 on Basscomesaveme.

Can you make a living with music?
Yes. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. I'm musically very versatile. alone from Dub but living wouldn't work.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?
Playing live and the creative exchange with other artists. I improvise z. B. very happy with others at my performances.

What do you dread in the studio?
Too many people look over my back while I'm producing. I can only endure that for a very short time. That doesn't apply to musicians who are currently working with me in the studio, that's fine then.

When you're not at Dubs screwing, what is your favorite thing to do then?
About Dub think.

What do you hear besides Dub?
Everything imaginable. Really!

If money and time weren't important: Which project would you like to realize?
Time and money don't matter at the moment, I just feel like I can do the things that I enjoy. I am currently working on a SpokenWord/Dub Plate. There is time, but things are moving slowly, mainly because it is difficult to find artists to take part. However, if money really weren't an issue, I'd have a sound system in my living room.

Which do you prefer: studio work or sound system performance?
Both is important. I love sound system events. you inspire me Often afterwards or during it I have the feeling that I have to go to the studio and start my machines immediately.

Who is the greatest for you Dub-Artist of all time?
Jimi Hendrix meets King Tubby

And who is currently the most interesting Dub-Artist?
There are many producers that I think are great. Too many to name all. But there are currently notable releases from Babe Roots, Om Unit, Bukkha, Tjah, Kaptan, Another Channel, …

Which sound system do you like the most?
Respect goes to everyone who takes on such a project. I always find that really impressive.

What are your personal top Dub-Albums?
Massive Attack Meets Mad Professor: No Protection
Rhythm & Sound: W/ the Artists
Dub Syndicate: Classic Selection Volume 2
Alec Empire: Low on Ice
Disciples: Infinite Density of Dub

4 responses to “Interview with Jah Schulz”

I've been looking for the "Jimmy Hendriks meets King Tubby" for 5 days now....

Haven't found it yet ………………………… lemmi

hi lemmi,

I would also like to have the album "Jimi Hendix meets King Tubby". But when James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix died in London on September 18.09.1970, XNUMX, Dub not invented yet. Jimi Hendix did some recordings with the Last Poets around 1969. Unfortunately, a meeting with King Tubby never took place.

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