Irie Miah & the Massive Vibes: Dub Conference

The good old one Dub Conference, founded in 1976 by Harry Mudie and King Tubby, is still in session. Today at the lectern: Irie Miah & the Massive Vibes, on the podium some of Germany's most prominent Dub-Mixers: The Dubvisionist, dr. Mabuse, MrtnDrms, Biba Sattadub and Chris Sattadub from the Kunterbunt sound system and The Dub Ape himself. On "Dub Conference“(Gemelo) they discuss the tracks of the Miah album“ Times of Trouble ”from 2018. While one reverb leads into the field, the other counters with an echo, some turn up all the tracks, others switch them off according to a sophisticated plan. The musical arguments fly back and forth, all very creatively thought out and meticulously formulated. But despite all the controversies, all podium participants agree on one thing: the bass. Nobody dares to compromise here. A compliment also goes to the technical conference team behind the scenes: the sound of the broadcast is fantastic. A recording of the conference is available on vinyl. It is now also streamed worldwide.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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High René!

Actually, I've been struggling with myself for a few weeks. There is just no clear opinion forming in me. That's basically enough to wave the glass through.
But the more I listen to them or the more I listen in, the more I look for the reasons why the spark doesn't quite jump over with me.
I feel the same way everything you write. The sound and especially the bass leaves nothing to be desired. Even the basslines can only be felt rationally as good. They are varied, quite creative, as far as I can tell and especially the drummer (or the drummer / probably still a drummer) plays nicely accentuated and crisp. The effects, even if a bit sparse here and there at times, are completely on my wavelength. I really don't understand why I can't be as enthusiastic about it as I am about "Dubmanity ”, which I have learned from the“ Deep In Dub Extends “playlist to my collection from Internet Dub Took over records so that I don't even forget them. If I compare the two discs soberly and rationally, there are actually no quality differences that reveal themselves to me. What's wrong with me
Otherwise I have an opinion on everything, but I have to abstain. There is now still the possibility that I can come to my office completely impartially and from one
this Dubs get caught at the right moment. There have been moments when I have a Sly and Robbie Dub I really liked it, even though I had it a few months earlier, in one of my
I pretty much declined comments.

Maybe in this case I should have just written "I like" ............................................... lemmi

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