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Irievibrations: Dub Station


There's something to celebrate at Irievibrations. The Viennese label around the three brothers Lechleitner (Professa, Tomic and Syrix) has released the hundredth album under the catalog number "Irie100". The remarkable thing about it: This anniversary will be celebrated with a flawless one Dub-Album: "Dub Station“(Irievibrations), for the producer Syrix some of the best tunes from the thirteen-year history of the lab personally by the Dub-Wolf turned. Thats something: Dub as the culmination of musical creativity. So it is right! After all, it is Dub yes, something like the meta level of a reggae piece. A reflection of the pure form. How could a retrospective be made smarter and more sophisticated? In short: I'm with Syrix and his brothers - good idea, good concept. Let's hear how both were put into practice: 14 Dubs gathers the "Dub Station ”, based on tunes by Luciano, Anthony B., Junior Kelly, Jahcoustix and Kabaka Pyramid - to name just the most prominent ones. All produced by Syrix and magnificent examples of the wonderfully round, harmonic "Irievibrations Trademark Sound". Nice arrangements, played perfectly, one hundred percent dynamic, tight and crisp. A bit mainstream, but never boring - which, by the way, also applies to the mixing style: Syrix celebrates the legacy of Tubby & Co in the highest perfection. No too daring experiments, no weird samples, not a bit radical - just classically beautiful. He can afford that because his source material is simply flawless. So why alienate it or over with samplesdubben? The only small criticism that could be noted is that the vocal part could have been reduced a bit. On the other hand, you would have to do without the nice melodies that are always heard here.

Rating 5 stars

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Yeah man !!!

I am very pleased that you have this DUB- Reviewing album here. I wanted to mention it here in a subordinate clause. But of course it's much better that way. Right now it's one of my favoriteDubAlbums. I think that's really FAT. Very good riddims and a fantastic one DubThe atmosphere. AND to buy as a CD ... I really don't need more for my happiness. But now I still have a subordinate clause. I got this disc together with CELT ISLAM “Baghdad”. You have already mentioned Celt Islam somewhere, so nothing new for you, but I have to say, Celt Islam are crazy for my taste Dub Mosquito. That was a gap that I absolutely had to close. But back to Irie Vibrations. I also have a few vocal records from them and yes, it's more mainstream, but they do Dubs are really the finest.
I have to contradict you on one point ;-)…. the disc is very radical !!! Radically cool ;-)
As long as I like that every now and then Dubs added, my enthusiasm will not let up.
I would like more about "Dub Station “rave but I can't add anything constructive to your powerful words. In any case I have nothing to complain about and that's almost too good to be true.
In this sense, enjoy the moment and enjoy life …………… lemmi

Hi Lemmi,

thanks for the Celt Islam notice. I am currently listening to the album “Sufi Dub". Sounds very promising.


Yo, Sufi Dub also sounds very promising. Almost everything I've clicked on from Celt Islam sounds very good to my taste. There will even be Dubstepelements used in such a way that it sounds really good. The man seems to have a really good feeling for groove. Sure, there are a few things that sound a little too much like synthetic sheet metal, but especially with the Baghdad record, I've only heard good to very good.

"This is your popular number one Dub Station, where the music comes first, I want you to think about that, I want you coming on strong strong strong (osä.) …… .. lemmi

Dub By the way, station is still my current favorite Dub Disc. Yesterday had another very intoxicating, uh, intoxicating evening with it.

Happy Weekend !!! ………… .. lemmi

Yeah man !!!

You can't argue about taste after all. If something is really good, there can only be one opinion!
No, of course it's just kidding! But I think there's a lot more going on on the record than on all those stoic Uk Steppers records.

But it's still good that there is all this variety.

Greetings ………………. lemmi

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