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Ital Horns Meets Bush Chemists Featuring Rico: History, Mystery, Destiny

Rico Rodriguez was one of the first reggae artists I lent my ears to in the 1980s. I played his album “Man From Wareika” without a break. "That Man Is Forward" followed later - then I lost sight of my hero. I was all the more amazed when I rediscovered him when I was younger on an inconspicuous album from the Conscious Sounds Studio: Ital Horns Meets Bush Chemists Featuring Rico, "History, Mystery, Destiny" (Roots Temple). I wouldn't rate this album as a world-shattering event like “Man From Wareika” once did, but it's a solid and beautiful album that is really fun to listen to. An extraordinary concept is offered, namely an instrumental Shwocase, in which each instrumental is from one Dub accompanied - a total of 19 tracks! The typical UK-Dub-Sound of the Bush Chemists, which is also the only weakness of the album. Above that, the Ital Horns (saxophone, trombone, trumpet) shine in wonderful reggae horn section fashion, namely in unison, playing nice little melody phrases. There are also solos, of course, but they are always perfectly embedded in the harmony of the music. So worrying about eccentric jazz escapades is completely unfounded. In general, “Harmony” could be the motto of this album - if, yes, if the rhythms weren't quite as stereotypical Steppers bolides. Not only is the sound getting a bit dated, the digital beats are just a bit too powerful, almost brutal, in relation to the fine brass section. Hand-played rhythms would undoubtedly be more adequate here. But let's not complain. The joy of an album with such excellent brass music prevails.

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