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The European torch Dub and Roots was passed on from the United Kingdom to France years ago. In the meantime it is Dub-Fire already arrived in Italy and blazes there like a mighty forest fire. The proof is available as a free net release: "Italian Dub Community - Showcase Vol. 2". This is a joint project between various Italian roots bands and Dub-Producers who have thrown together an incredible 45 tracks from their oeuvre. The quality of the album is extremely good - without a doubt the best net release I've ever come across. It's amazing at what level the Italians produce roots - miles away from the smooth Jamaican roots of today, in the tradition of UK-Dub standing and yet a consistent further development. Follow here in showcase style DubVersions on the songs and offer a terrific, fat steppers sound throughout. Fascinating that the Italians Dubber - under the motto "Cooperation No Competition" - are so in agreement about where they want their sound to go. If you don't listen carefully, you might think you're hearing the album of a single band. In fact, the bands and producers come from all parts of the country and were mine - apart from the BR. Stylers and R.esistence - so far unknown. Nice that that Dub-Universe still holds surprises in store.
If you need more material after the 45 tracks, you can still use the "Showcase Vol 1“From 2008 download.

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The Italian Dub & Roots scene is small but very lively. Especially in the Netaudio area there are numerous free releases of very good quality - as this Compliation series shows.

Anyone who has further interest - and even more exciting ones Dub-Releases from Italy are looking for: // netlabel for roots, digital dub and experimental sounds from irpinia // netlabel for dub, dubtechno and house from venice // netlabel for dub and drum'n'bass from southern Italy

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