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Jah Myhrakle: Who Keeps The Seals Dub

Let's start with a comment and lemmi's statement contained therein: "... since it seems to be very difficult to find out anything about it at all!"

Yes, I can sign that without further ado, and because I still don't have a Fratzebook account and don't need one either, I don't know what can be read on Jah Myhrakle's account either. Good marketing looks different. What I was able to find out about Jah Myhrakle through other channels is that his real name is Eric Garbutt and he is from Belize. Already in 2020 he released his third album "All 4 U". In the meantime, a few more have been added. It's insane how many tracks by Jah Myhrakle can be found on Amazon alone. In May 2023 "He Who Keeps The Seals" was released, followed in July by "He Who Keeps The Seals Dub (Gold Den Arkc Recordsz) followed. As on the previous albums, Jah Myhrakles new album "He Who Keeps The Seals (Dub)" with an original roots reggae sound, which also expresses his powerful voice and the spiritual message of Rastafari very convincingly. The vocals were recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, New York at Gold Den Arkc Recordsz. Where the fantastic Dub-Mixes were created and who is responsible for them, unfortunately I can't say with complete certainty. Da Jah Myhrakle has previously worked with influential producer and sound engineer Laurent "Tippy" Alfred of I Grade Dub from St. Croix, I would imagine that he also mixed and mastered this album. the fat ones Dub-Soundscapes and the leisurely, calm flow make me think so. The one-drop riddims and smooth basslines meld with slightly jazz-inspired guitar tones, acoustic textures and interwoven Dubelements to form a magnificent body of work. Somewhere in this music I can also hear a close relationship to Vaughn Benjamin from Akae Beka, who died in November 2019 and with whom Jah Myhrakle also worked. Jah Myhrakle is evidently steadfast in his mission to bring the powerful message of Rastafarianism to the people. For me, the complex sound of "He Who Keeps The Seals Dub“ Meditation, inspiration and intensity in one.

In short: Jah Myhrakle is an electrifying reggae artist who will affect you - in a positive sense - mentally and spiritually.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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I don't know if you can feel it right now Ras Vorbei but it should feel pretty easy for you right now since I'm imagining you on hands through the Dubblog and far beyond. Even though it must have been difficult to get information, you shed a little more light into the darkness. It would be very nice if the managers or, for that matter, managers from Jah Myhrakle also did that Dubblog would know. Then they would know that we are seriously thinking about them here and are very happy about their work. Sure, I can just stream it, but such a nice double LP with vocals and Dubversion would be something really fine again.
What makes me particularly happy here is the type of effects, which are in no way obtrusive but very subtle but very effective (of course, there are also effects ;-) ) and both very fine and charmingly accentuated cause interactions. (It may sound a bit aloof, but that's the way it should be). Then there are the riddims, which become psychedelic experiences, especially through small guitar games and not immediately identifiable percussion elements, enriched by almost mystical effects, for the analysis of which one would love to lie down on the couch. The bass and the drums are so powerful that on the one hand - as already described in the review - they convey the powerful voice and the spiritual message of RastaFari with ease and in the DubVersions, "slowly and in a calm flow" as they have the power to raze all that is evil and bad like a giant terminal moraine to the ground. Or at least something like that…………..
It's very simple physics if I'm not mistaken. Everything that is very large and has a lot of mass does not need a turbo or hyperactive steppa cylinder, because they have so much mass and power that they can easily reach and enrich the core of the immaterial nerve center.

"Open says a me, Here comes RastaMan, Abracadabra catch me if you can." I know, you find it hard to believe that I am the genius of the land, I can do anything you wish but, right now, I am commanding you to dance” …………….. lemmi

Open sesame (sic), ... otherwise I would like to agree with you 100%, and quoting Steel Pulse is really cool :-)

I'll just add that I like and adore albums like this... yes, the guitar(s) snippets and the percussion, oh no, it's just the overall package that appealed to me... I'd rather listen to another round...
Ah yes, so far no one has mentioned that the songs/pieces for reggae/Dub Some are extraordinarily long (7, 8 min)... no 3-minute fast-track goods, but substance that pulls you in... That too is entirely to my taste and my preferences... and believe me, you never get bored!

High Philip!

Is correct ! The more than 8-minute piece “Who keeps the seals Dub“I was particularly impressed. THAT IS THE DUB MAGIC that leaves nothing to be desired. As far as I'm concerned, it could even last 8 days and I wouldn't be a second wasted.
It's so cool DubBeing a fan ;-) ……………… lemmi

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