Jah Schulz: Dub Over Science

Jah Schulz added: "Dub Over Science“(Basscomesaveme). Is the title a commentary on the corona pandemic? If so, then without a doubt in the sense that “trying is better than studying”, because that's exactly what Jah Schulz is doing here. A daring experiment in the border area between mysticism and science. While Dr. Schulz otherwise tends to advance the scientific discourse with rather powerful arguments in steppers style, he has now decided to get to the bottom of the matter - in the truest sense. So he dives for "Dub Over Science ”down to the Mariana Trench deep-sea station. He has a studio down there where time passes more slowly, which is why the tracks produced there run at half speed. Which, by the way, halves the frequency from the 16 Hz he is used to up to now to 8 Hz. Of course, up here on earth this can no longer be heard with the human ear, but it can be clearly felt as a slight earthquake. The research question is: How deep does the bass still have to be screwed down in order to set the ground vibrating so strongly that the resulting micro pressure waves cause the SARS-CoV-2 virus to crumble under constant fire? This groundbreaking knowledge could be used in a very short time Dub- Develop vaccine that could heal everyone - without a needle prick! In any case, it works for me: since I've been running the album through my subwoofer, I've been feeling extremely healthy.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Where should you still be able to hear something like that?!? You need a farm somewhere in Iowah, where there are no more neighbors far and wide. The bass frequencies probably come from the engine room of the Nautilus and were mastered by Captain Nemo himself.
I'm sorry but Jah Schulz hasn't grabbed me yet. I also have a vinyl from him at home, but enthusiasm feels different. In the end, however, I am fascinated by the technology. I find his riddims just too sluggish (even if he wants to) but it is obvious to me that he has very good technique at his disposal. The sound and the effects are already "tremendous" and make me sit up and take notice here and there, or they even create one or the other moment of shock, which in the Dub can be quite helpful, so that you wake up from your trance every now and then and remember that you should "breathe" and occasionally sip beer.
All in all, Jah Schulz also owes a few really good riddims and as long as he can't manage them, I will occasionally enjoy his fat sound. Perhaps, however, many people rightly wonder what I mean by good riddims. Well, I'm sure that I'll be able to write about good riddims again when I get the chance. Besides, the riddims aren't bad, but they don't really knock me out either ……. I'm not from Jamaica but my taste in music is shaped by it through and through. The Messiah must actually have landed on this island, because nowhere else in the world has so much positive creativity been translated into “Word Sound and Power”.

"JAH nuh dead" …………………………… lemmi

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