Jah Schulz: Right Time - Right Dub

You could think that the really true and genuine Sound System feed would always come from the UK, France or Italy. But nothing there! With Jah Schulz we have one of the best steppers producers ever - in Stuttgart. To be heard on his new album: “Right Time - Right Dub“(Railroad). As usual, straight hardcore steppers, massive, brutal, overwhelming. As usual, mixed live and as usual without compromise. No wonder its Dubs cause a sensation in international sound systems. Dub has been the center of the world from Michael Fiedler aka Tokyo Tower aka Jah Schulz for many years. Under the latter pseudonym he concentrates on steppers - live and in the studio. Although he supposedly also uses the live method when mixing in the studio. But it is not so essential, because what comes out at the back is pure steppers-Dub, nicely mixed, but ultimately what counts here is rhythm, atmosphere, heaviness and bass. And Mr. Schulz masters these ingredients par excellence. Whereby the impression should not arise here that Dubit would be stupid pounding. Not at all. The right time for the right SchulzDub can also be on the sofa on Sunday mornings. Then it is less a physical than a cognitive experience, because Schulze's productions also offer plenty of input for conscious, analytical listening. In short: Right Dub - anytime.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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