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Im Dub-Context the name Jah Wobble appears again and again, although his music cannot be assigned to the genre. My theory: the name makes it - and his profession as a bass player. As is well known, Mr. Wobble started his career with the post-punk band Public Image Ltd., whose sound he strongly influenced with his reggae-like bass lines. Since the 1980s he has been walking solo, reinventing himself and his music several times and most recently ended up at Worldmusic. Last year he released something like his musical autobiography in the form of a 6-CD box. Impressive, but for Dubheads very uninteresting. Only this year's retrospective corresponds exactly to what we all had always expected from his name: “In Dub“(Cherry Red Records). It is a compilation of the 34 tracks of his career, which he says is “the strongest Dub-affected ". The spectrum ranges from his early work from the 1980s to the present day. Who is now pure reggaeDub expected, is still wrong. Wobbles Dub- Understanding is based on reverb, echo and especially bass - but not on reggae offbeats. And of course on crazy sound experiments, which mostly consist of a mix of various genres and musical cultures. Seen in this way, despite its length, a very entertaining album, even if it is included Dub doesn't have too much to do in our sense.

Rating 4 stars

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Hehe, JAH wobble!

So if someone has very mixed music or DubIt does, then it is JAH Wobble. I also got a couple of discs from him. There is even a disc called “Chinese Dub“Or something like that. Actually awesome stuff too, but when the Chinese women start singing, the plaster crumbles. Unbearable vocal frequencies that completely take your shoes off. Nevertheless, it is often this exotic and these very strange melodies that make the whole thing interesting again.
This JAH wobble “In Dub“- I just took the disk with me because it was in the shop and wasn't too expensive. Heard at home I thought after everyone "Dub“, Now I'm going to turn it off ... well, one of them is still working and that was suddenly so horny that I listened to the record. It is precisely his completely enraptured sound experiments, mixed with various genres and musical cultures from all over the world, that lead me to JAH Wobble again and again, although I don't really like it.
It's time I put the record back on.

Wibble Wobble ………… .. lemmi

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