JahYu: Center of Gravity

As a designer, I have the wrong taste in music. The cover artwork in the genre Dub is one of the worst on the music market - which causes me great visual suffering with almost every new release that I really celebrate musically. That's either because Dub-Producers are so focused on the acoustic sense that they no longer have any capacity left for the eye, or it is because they are forced to produce their music under fatally precarious circumstances and simply cannot afford the costs for appropriate graphic design. Tragic! But here we finally have a fantastic exception to the rule: YahYu: "Center of Gravity“(Steppas). The cover is great. What a beautiful illustration! I need the good piece as vinyl in 30 x 30 cm! Of course, such a cover arouses high expectations. Likewise the label: Steppas Records by Ben Alpha - Home of Alpha Steppa, Alpha & Omega and some other outstanding ones Dub-Artists. YahYu also belongs to the latter. He lives and works in Hamburg, is of Korean descent and produces extremely interesting products Dub-Music in the border area between Dub, Dubstep and bass music. His trademark: ethereal melodies played on traditional Korean instruments that are overly difficult Dub-Beats float. This delightful contrast is not fundamentally new. Augustus Pablo and countless other instrumentalists in his wake have used him to appear spiritual Dub to produce. It is therefore not surprising that the adjective “spiritual” is always used to characterize JahYu's music. And we all know that Ben Alpha is also fully into spiritual and meditative Dub departs. But I have to say that I actually find the hamburger's beats even more exciting than his Korean instruments. Because JahYu's beat constructions transcend the well-known steppers pattern over and over again towards new territory (at least for DubConditions) and thus ensure fresh listening experiences. This creates a beautiful bass odyssey over the length of the album, sometimes over rocky, rough terrain and then again through the gently swaying waves of the offbeat. Exciting and eventful until the very end. In short: Cover and music go well together.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Oh dear, I'm sorry, but the way it looks, you have to come to terms with my comment on the "disc" again. Sometimes I fear my comments are especially for Steppers and Neo Dub Friends unbearable. Again, I can't think of too many nice words. If Mad Professor lets out a "bass fart" every now and then, this is almost an irritable bowel syndrome. "The hot air" roars from the front to the back of the speakers and creates more of an aversion to bass than something like enthusiasm. But nothing bubbles at all. Or have my boxes been cut through by Jah Schulz and now only produce a limp boom. Sounds like a kind of “retro” to meDub"Of the" darkest "times of Dub at all. This sound was and is for me the reason why I left or did not jump up at Disciples and Iration Steppers, for example. Also at Dub Syndicate, there were always such "slip-ups", but at least they had a good riddim. For me it's not a modern one Dubbut a step backwards in times where Dub threatened to die out for me. So for me it's exactly the opposite. The Korean instruments with their ethereal melodies rather refresh me than the rhythm carpet. But with that I'll go back even further and I'm back with the DubThe pure world of Augustus Pablo.
And I voluntarily get caught up in contradictions again. I'm the one who always wants a vinyl disc with a 30 × 30 cover. But I'm not a designer, so I guess I don't have a sense for beautiful CoverArtWork. Then I am again the one who is only interested in “what comes out of the back” …….

"Who stole di Cookie, from that Cookie Jar" (I hate digital cookies; a babylon ting dat! I don´t agree…. Never!) …………………… lemmi

I thought that you, Lemmi, would not agree with this review. But let me tell you, the Iration Steppas are incredible live!


I can well imagine that René!

There are also examples of this in Roots. Let's just take chalice! They were really awesome live, but the studio productions were pretty poor.
I see it similarly with Inner Circle. With Peter Tosh it was mostly the other way around. I found the live concerts almost always off track.
From my point of view, the band and Peter Tosh were pretty confused ;-) I especially didn't understand the concerts with Sly and Robbie.
But I'm going too far again.
It's probably just my perception again .......

But I also have to say that Soundsystems Live would only be good as a support act. I wouldn't drive any kilometers for and hotel and
so on. Is a matter of fact, I know. But I have to see the drummer, the bassist and the percussion and I just like to watch the musicians "at work". But when everyone is there I always close my eyes and just let myself be acoustically sprinkled or refueled.

But when it says “Rub A Dub Style !!! “I let the magic work visually on me. So let's go!

Oh no, it's corona (mist) ……………………… .. lemmi

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