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Jallanzo: Dubam 'It & Luvin' It

It always says that it is in Jamaica Dub just about to die. But then the intensive care patient still twitches every now and then and makes everyone present in a state of excitement. Most recently on Teflon Zincfence's album "Dub Policy ". Now another shock wave is going through the intensive care unit: Jallanzo publishes with "Dubam 'It & Luvin' It“A great one Dub-Album made in Jamaica. Jallanzo ?? I didn't know his name yet, but I did know his music, because the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and Dub-Producer played for the a few years ago Dubtonic Kru, whose music I really appreciated. So now a solo project - in the form of one Dub-Albums! I have no idea who recorded the tracks here, whether they are secondary use or from the outset as Dubs were planned. I only know: you sound breathtaking. So crisp, powerful and dynamic that they would be a pleasure, even if it weren't for the perfect timing, the beautiful melodies, the ingenious arrangements and the inspired mix. Everything is just right here - except for the ugly cover. One reason to forego vinyl. The title of the album comes from a quote from Jallanzo: “Music is my life, my life is my music and I am dubbing it and loving it ”. Jallanzo has dedicated himself to music since he was 13 years old. He mainly works as a studio musician and can be heard on the productions of many well-known artists. Let's hope that we will be able to enjoy his music in the future even without vocals in the foreground.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Sorry, but I feel compelled to make a comment here. But if a Dub fortunately comes back from Jamaica, I have to write something! Otherwise not possible …….
So when I hear music from Jamaica I always feel exactly what you are writing here René. Especially when it comes to timing, they still seem to know the specific secret all by themselves. I also like the "disc" very much, but I have to criticize a bit here so that something like that doesn't happen again in the future ;-)
First of all the best. "Crisp, powerful and dynamic" (must be capitalized in this context) is also my feeling. "Sophisticated arrangements" and
To be honest, I can't really judge an “inspired mix”, but my feelings tell me that there could be more.
Which is how I approach my points of criticism. However, with reservation, as I have the Dubs may not have heard enough of it. In any case, my overall impression is that once an "arrangement" was found, it was "strictly" followed through from beginning to end. Variants within a DubTunes seem to be rather rare. The best thing I like here is the effects on the drums. In general, the drums are the be-all and end-all for me. The drummer himself sets a lot of small accents and these are then varied again by effects. For me that is fundamentally the highest DubArt and at the same time almost the basic requirement for every good one Dub. Exceptions ... .. of course. The BassLines are consistently on my wavelength and although they sometimes seem so simple and simple that I would trust myself to be able to play them straight away, they unfold their full magic thanks to the special Jamaican timing. If the bass player isn't from Jamaica, I can still congratulate him on his Jamaican timing. (By the way: I can't play bass at all, but once I've found the notes on the bass neck, it's just a question of timing for me ;-) and of course it depends a lot on whether I have enough power can transfer my delicate fingers to the bass strings. This is especially true for "Dub Chakra ”, where the BassLine immediately digs deep into my core. I last had this bass feeling on Bunny Wailer's “Rise And Shine”. No wonder, because half the BassLine feels almost identical. Ok, so far everything is actually good.
But now I have the question of whether the “sophisticated arrangements”, “the inspired mix” and, last but not least, the “beautiful melodies” in “Inna Dub“Really enough to get the Dub to keep the tension on for a whole “11 minutes”. To be honest, it's a little too long for me.
And it is very important to me, the Dub "Dub Calling ”to pull right through the mud here. Sorry to everyone who doesn't think that's that bad. The bass and drum foundation is perfect.
But this strange noise, which sounds like a freshly hatched crocodile with a cold and here is supposed to work like a percussion instrument, makes it Dub broken for me after 2 minutes at the latest. And then I have to endure that for another 5 minutes. Sorry it does not work. at Dub X they also have an effect that runs through the whole DubTune pulls through and unfortunately does not flash me enough. Is too dominant for me and not enough on my wavelength for that. In general, the "Dub X "felt too much in the direction of monotonous UKDub.
But otherwise I think the "disc" is great and I especially want to "Dub Synergy "because the drummer is exactly at my" D-point "
has stimulated.
What did I really want to say now?

Dubbin´ It and Luvin´ It “´ ………. I like it ;-) ……………………………………. lemmi

Thank you very much Headworks for your honest feedback, one can really appreciate and learn from this and glad you like it.
This album was my lockdown pandemic project. I played all the instruments myself except for the horns on "Synergy" and the melodica on "Dub Chakra "
learned a lot from this album release, looking forward to the next one.

Hey I am sorry man!

It is very late to give another answer and i try it in english!

"Don't try it in german, don't try it in russia, just do it in broken english." "I do it my way".

Ok, all i want to say is that it makes me very happy when you get some positive results from my ideas.
I was very surprised when i was reading that you play nearly all instruments by yourself. That's great and in my opinion i have to say, that you are also a great drummer. Another very big surprise for me is the fact that there is a great musician
over the big sea "on my dreamland" who reads my comments. Normaly I am not in peace with the internet but this is a good aspect.

And the most important message is, that i am (we are) also looking very forward to the next one!

And I have some greetings for the Jamaicans. They have to stop to handle like the white bad moneyman wants them to do. They have to stop killing themselfes.
May be it is better, not to hear so much duncehall. They have to come to consciousness and more rootsDubReggae! Duncehall have the same "spirit" like American moneyrap. It is very very stupid to throw bottles on a man like Bunny Wailer. Tell that!

OK sorry. Sometimes i feel like "i will never get old". My opinion is on the level of a little child. Who am I, that I talk about jamaican problems, but it hurts my little brain, to see, what is going on and on and on (not only in jamaica).
It feels like everyone is laughing, when i talk in broken english and everyone is laughing about my childish opinion but i also like it very much, when there is a reason to laugh in this "hot" cold world.

"Life is going on in circles" ……………………. headwords

(should I really send that off? …… .. oh no matter!)

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