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It is always fascinating what different moods Dub can transport. The gap between Jim's new EP: "Jimmy Reggae Dub“(JIM) and an energetic stepper couldn't be bigger. The "Peter Pan of French Hip Hop", as he describes himself, has presented a deeply melancholy work here. Downright agonizingly slow beats, rough and pure, contrast with accordion and harp sounds and feather-light, elegiac (synthetic) sopranos. Everything in minus minor. When it comes to melancholy, Jim is very knowledgeable. With his hip hop productions, he has already explored its depths intensively. He has suffered from profound tinnitus for years - terrible for someone whose life is devoted to music. But maybe that was the reason to feel the calm flowing basslines of Dub to turn to. “Jimmy Reggae Dub“(The title is definitely not on the level of the music!) Was created within three work-intensive weeks in a studio exam. “I felt suffocated after 10 years of hip hop,” explains Jim, “I always liked reggae but never thought of doing it one day. But with confinement and my desire to explore something else, this EP was born. I tried to get the sound as acoustic and raw as possible. “Jim succeeded perfectly. Often it is precisely the genre outsiders who - perhaps unconsciously or out of inability - break with conventions, discover new things and thus enrich the music.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Class René,

what a really cool recommendation, runs in an endless loop for me right now. Accordion and harp in Dub - Finally!!!

Tinnitus is a really bad curse, I was in my early 40s. It is also called "loss of silence". “Terrible for someone whose life is devoted to music.” Music is sometimes the only means of confronting this disease. Not only can I empathize with that, I also suffer.

Music is a lady, that I still love, 'cause she gives me the air that i breathe ...

Oh, hello René and hello Jim!

Now I have to pull myself together so that Jim doesn't get even more melancholy.
That's why I first write what I like best before I write about what I have left open.
The elegiac soprano voices (I always find it exciting what you can do in the DubBlog so learns for words)
as well as the harp sounds and above all - I'll call it - the "glockenspiel" (which is probably a kind of xylophone)
I like it very much and also create a certain melancholy in me without making me sad. That is very important to me,
because I don't see any point in listening to music that makes me sad.
The sound is also nice "rough and pure". The drums set fine accents and provide me with "uplift".
Der erste Dub (Prends moi …… ..) really hits me. Even if it should annoy you soon (or already annoy you), I'll judge it for myself
again from the foundation. The BASSLINE !!! catches me completely when I may use a word from René. In addition the synthetic,
elegiac chants and the fine "glockenspiel" make you want more of it. “Dans nos coeurs” goes through purely “bassline-technically” with me
but now I have to complain again.
Most of the basslines (the three remaining ones) make me a little sad. They just don't create a groove for me. Between each
Bass waves are too big pauses for my taste. You can tell the origin and the old love for hip hop, I would say.
However, hip-hop also had really good basslines in the beginning, until it was finally "anected" by the white man. But this is now possible "OffTopic".
Yeah, and then there's the accordion thing. When I read that in the review, I was really looking forward to this one
Instrument in conjunction with the DubMusic evolves. But here too little air is being pumped into the accordion in the form of “aircraft”. I should have
like a little more spectacle or joy of playing. So, it creates too much melancholy for my basic feeling and I much prefer it
when music makes me euphoric. The only ones who have the necessary mentality for the accordion are the Irish and the Austrians (“!”).
"I don't know if you already knew" ………. but cannabis also provides some relief from tinnitus. At least with me.
Maybe I should have skipped this sentence because I don't want to put anyone on the wrong track or on the wrong path.
But I couldn't help myself because of the messed up legal situation in Germany and France. We will soon be the only countries in Western Europe
where you can still have problems with the "Stasigestapo" because of the medicinal herbs. Again!
I don't want to end my comment like that. As always, I've fished my hair in the soup here too, but that's not supposed to be about that
hide the fact that it is a Dubdisk and that's why I like it pretty much.

"In Bass We Trust" ………………… .. lemmi

Sorry Ras Vorbei, I would have liked to include you in my greeting, but while I was writing you commented here ………… ..
Yes, I know, it's not that bad, but a special thing from the Rasta philosophy
is the matter of respect or respect and so I wanted to say hello to you again ;-)

"Harmony as a goal for the future" …………………… lemmi

hi lemmi,

that's not a problem at all and I would never have taken it in such a way that you would have forgotten about the greeting. It's okay!

There is one thing I have to contradict you - which is extremely rare.
“The only ones who have the necessary mentality for the accordion are the Irish and the Austrians” - I can't leave that at that. The French have firmly anchored the accordion in their musical culture and, in my opinion, also have the “necessary mentality”. It is said that French emigrants even brought the instrument to the “new world” and created Cajun music there.
Still, I have to agree with you about the melancholy, the accordion in the chanson always exudes a touch of melancholy.

And here I agree with you all along the line:
Ganja actually helps with tinnitus, although this has been widely proven, there are no clinical studies on it. Also because the pharmaceutical industry is interested in a humid rubbish to conduct research here. Why should you saw off the branch you are sitting on? One would much rather bring the completely useless and expensive "tinnitus drugs" to the man / woman at a profit. Hemp and its effects were first mentioned in a Chinese healing book almost 2000 years before Christ. That is now a whopping 4000 years that mankind has had experience with this plant. Many also do not know that ganja was the migraine prophylaxis of the 19th century. This is not supposed to be a laudation, there is a for and against for everything, but there is also for aspirin.

Who feels it, knows it ...

Hihi, I smile meekly.

I clearly had to expect that my thesis on the "accordion mentality"
does not reflect the general opinion. I could be my wildest now
Propose theories about the mentalities of the individual European peoples, whereby the French were and are classified as quite depriemed, melancholy people. Kind of like us Germans. I think the Irish have more zest for life and the Austrians are, as far as I can tell, a very relaxed and humorous people. There is also in the Rurh area but most of the here (I am probably one of them) are simply too depressed, too serious and simply gone, not happy enough. But hey, I can see for myself that this is another topic where I lean extremely far out of the window.
Do we agree on a matter of taste?

Cheers ………………. lemmi

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