Kanka & Art-X: Daydream

Kanka is one of my favorites. A preference of mine, for which I have often had to justify myself. After all, Kanka stands for a very hard stepper sound, which is often dismissed as "soulless" in the scene. I see it differently and appreciate Kanka for knowing how to code this highly energetic music out of bits and bytes. I also admire his mixing virtuosity, which is absolutely impressive, especially live. Normally the Frenchman acts alone. I imagine like that Dub-Nerd sits alone in his studio at night and tweaks beats until his fingers are sore or his ears fall off. But now he puts his music in the service of the melodica player Art-X. And suddenly sounds on "Daydream(ODGPROD) all so gentle and cultivated. Where has "my" Kanka gone? And let's be honest, it's actually quite clear why the melodica is considered a children's instrument. Their sound spectrum is really extremely small, which inevitably means that you quickly get fed up with their sound. That's why I can't get much out of the less concise melodies Art-X. In short: I would have preferred a "normal" Kanka album.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Hello everyone!

“Three Babylon try to make I and I run” ……………

Actually, both Kanka and Art-X totally flashed me at the first contact! I'm not looking now to see which albums or DubTunes are specific but Art-X's "Dready Walk" is still one of my favourites Dubtunes from him. And Kanka also "spanked my butt" at first (in the sense of 50 Shades Of Gray).
I wanted to buy a disc right away, but unfortunately - for me "incomprehensible" - the CDs available from Kanka were not nearly as "my thing" as what was available for "streaming". That's when I thought for the first time! Caution ! Kanka is like "unlikable, nasty grilled meat"! Very mixed! I also like one or two steppers Dub from him but I still like the less stomping beats more. There are some "space-filling, massive riddims that warp any space with ease, as they have high energy potential. Energy = speed of light X Dub in the square. It follows : Dub = light !!! (someone has to prove the opposite to me first).
Ok, seriousness aside. The "Daydream" actually has some really good riddims for my taste. Whereby "Riddims" is the keyword for part of my criticism. With DubThe Kanka probably doesn't have that effect. Overall, I perceive little reverberation and little echo. It sounds more like instrumentals to me. I have nothing against instrumentals either. Nevertheless, I lack an overall, self-overlaying with different atmospheres, DubThe atmosphere. I think that's mainly due to the fact that it's still almost impossible for an it freak to have the necessary computing power to create a DubTo ensure atmosphere, to provide. Similar to the problem of depicting the movements of animated "cartoon dinosaurs" in a way that doesn't look completely ridiculous. The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and some of the documentaries do look really cool, but as soon as you try to assign a movement to them, they look so stupid that I always think, “People practice this before you go to the cinema with it ,” Well, I guess most people don't see it as narrowly as I do. They also have no feeling and no sensitivity for it Dub. They party devid getter like a band………… ok, I'm trying to stay cool.
Yes, then Art-X comes with his melodica and believes again that he can afford it or what? Hasn't he noticed that we're not so keen on it anymore?! However, my overall impression here is that he breaks in enough so that the melodica doesn't drown out the entire riddim. There is still some room to fully indulge in the groove. And when the melodica is allowed to interact with a beautiful violin like on “Symphony”, it really broadens my horizons and creates a very pleasant feeling for me too. Please don't nail me down to the word "interact". I don't know if it fits here, but I thought it had a good sound in this context ;-) .....
For me, the review also contains – how should I put it (?) – a certain potential for discussion! First, I'd like to ask "which scene?" And if so, which scene "likes" to reject the Steppers sound as "soulless"? I know part of the scene here from the Dubblog ! And yes, I also tend to reject the “soulless” stepper sound, but who or what is the other scene? There must still be a certain part that is fully geared towards every type of stepperDub comes off Otherwise one would not continue to program or produce steppers again and again?! But I don't want to be understood in such a way that you could also stop, Steppers Dubs to produce. No !
I also like steppersDub ! I just don't find that many favorites there...

Also, I really like the cover.

Do I have to go to the gate now? …………………………. lemmi

"By the way, I also really like the cover."

Still an intersection lemmi. The first thought that shot through my murmur when I saw the cover was: awesome cover. Reminds me of a painting by Vincent van Gogh: "Starry Night over the Rhône.

Also nice to see the French Posse sticking together and supporting each other. Youthie plays flute and Tom Dorne aka Sumac on "Fantasia". Dub on "Symphony" violin.

"By the way, I also really like the cover."

Jo, Ras Vorbei ! When it comes to art, I'm very unsure about the opinion of art experts, but the fact that you like the cover shows me once again that GOOD taste is not a question of taste ;-)

The violin on "Symphony" raises the quality of the album by a whole power of ten for me. And the fact that Youthie helped with the album also explains to me why I don't think it's that bad.

So long ……………… lemmi

It is always a pleasure to read your lines!
Thanks for that.
For me, Art-X is currently the best melodica player that conjures up amazing melodies with incredible virtuosity. It is worth immersing yourself in his productions. Check out tips: The song "The Quest"! He also managed to get very nice recordings, especially with Roots Addict.
Regarding Kanka… a couple of great songs, otherwise edgy, edgy, predictable. There are many other steppas wizards that show him powerfully and dynamically where "Bartel gets the most" ...
What do I miss the early Brain Damage ...

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