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Kanka, known as the brutal of the DubBern of the Grande Nation, is evidently getting older and more moderate. So far he drove through the genre on a steamroller Dub, so he is now switching to a stylish 70ies oldtimer - albeit with a decent displacement, of course. Instead of steppers, there is now a cultivated one-drop, instead of high-speed, relaxed pace, instead of adrenaline: enjoyment. Everything with a nice old-school vibe. It's unbelievable how nice his new album sounds, almost perfect for a Sunday afternoon. "Cool it“It says quite appropriately and in fact, it contributes to relaxation, but without becoming arbitrary or even boring. Actually everything is still there that has made the Hansdampf so far, only now much quieter, more relaxed: Rich bass lines - beautifully melodic, electronic sounds, reduced arrangements. Dub So in the best sense of the word, no longer for the sound system, but for the sofa at home. And since you usually have a laptop on your knees on this occasion, it makes sense to download "Cool It" for free: / album / cool-it.

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Basically I like to hear Dub. That's why this “disc” is …… .. mmmmmh, yes, not
bad. I met Kanka on YouTube. There are tons of freaks out there who are super horny Dub Put together samplers that are basically easy to listen to. And then one day I had to go to one of them Dub here in the office again set to "full pot".
Since Kanka ran with "abracadabra". I just thought… .. “who is Kanka again ?! and it's still so awesome! "Well, I first checked Kanka and found out that the freak was probably the best KankaDub-Tune picked out that ever existed. Anyway, I have a lot DubI found s from Kanka, all of which are quite good but as good as “abracadabra” I didn't like any more. Sometimes people just work very simply and in this case it was the bassline or the bass frequency of "abracadabra" that even Kanka could not or did not want to reproduce up to now. I can't imagine the latter. If I knew how to get this bass frequency exactly like that, I would offer myself to do all reggaeDub- and to record again roots discs. But it doesn't seem to be that easy and natural, because on “Cool It” and on the entire Abracadabra record, Kanka didn't manage to repeat the bass bubbling of “abracadabra” either. Kool It is booming on my speakers like an old Disciples disc. And that's a shame. But it doesn't matter, it doesn't cost anything.

"Steamers a bubble" ……. "Basslines a blubble" ………………… lemmi

Then listen to “Skunky” from the album “Don't Stop Dub“(2005) on!


Oh yes, that has a really bad subbass at the beginning. No scoop in the world can reproduce this sensibly (acoustic short circuit, wave much too long for the resonator), but my old cantons (closed housing and 31cm bass loudspeaker) do that quite well and the back walls of usual shelves are then also noticeable; D.

Hehe, yes, that's a bit of nitpicking on my part now. “Skunky” sometimes also comes into this frequency range, but has also made the extra exaggerated droning as a deliberate styling agent, as it were, an issue. Still, I like “Skunky”. I like Kanka very much. Unfortunately, has not published anything ;-) what I could buy. Irie Records still had a record, but since I had heard the “Abracadabra” shortly before, I didn't want it anymore. I share Dub now in two categories. "Dub at work "and"Dub At home". At work, ultra-modern and up-to-date, streamed, playlisted and almost completely digital Dub belongs. At home I only focus on the music. And (I can't help it now) a laptop on my knees would ruin my entire enjoyment. That would go into the multitasking area for me and if there is one thing I can't handle, it's multitasking. The only thing I can do while listening to music is "turning". Moving the mouse around or just looking at the screen just doesn't suit me.
Yes, those are pretty "intimate" details from my life, right (?).

Ok, as I said, sometimes I just count peas ……………. lemmi

It's an interesting division. I also listen in the office (but rarely and under less than ideal conditions), but preferably at home. Still, I don't often take the time to ONLY listen. I usually do something on the side. Therefore I often subconsciously filter into “pleasant”, “annoying” and “boring” at first. The latter is deleted immediately. I then consciously listen to the most concise albums in the other two categories. Really analytical, however, only when writing a review.


Come on, let's have a little chat ;-) ……… ..

No, I don't want to force you, but I'm just in the mood to chat a bit out of my closet. First of all, at home on my computer there are three new fresh viral infections, because windows, microsoft is still not rich enough. Ok, that's conspiracy theory but…. who knows all that exactly. ?! In any case, the automatic updates took too long for me and I just turned the box off.
No matter !
What I honestly find really bad is that the sound here in the office is sometimes much better in my home than in my home. Here in the office there is a shitty system but I can open it up completely. The bass bubbling comes out really loud, just really the best. And at home I have to be considerate of my neighbors. There are only machines in the next room and they are very tolerant of my needs. I was able to sell my extra bass boxes (height: 1m / length, width: 50 cm / bass diameter 36 cm) here as a "research object", so that at least officially I am not yet classified as completely crazy. Well and everyone who comes in here is impressed. Let's see how long it will be before they send the men who come with the jacket that goes to the back.
I am already coming back from the 100th to the 1000th, but the thing with the "annoying" or "boring" is very often just a day's shape for me. Let's just take African Headcharge. They can sometimes be annoying or even disturbing but when all cosmic sizes are on one and the same level, African HeadCharge can quickly become a musical revelation. It's the same with my constant nagging about digital computer style. Yesterday I was nerfed and tomorrow it was great or vice versa.
Of course, I often have to work too, and that's why the music here in the office is mostly just on the side. But my work often just consists of waiting and observing and then you can really let the walls shake.
Don't eat it delicious!?!

“I wish you a great life, inna DubVersion “…………………… .. lemmi

A subwoofer is of course essential and so is the appropriate volume. Fortunately, I can turn it up quite a bit at home because a) the neighbors are hard of hearing (maybe only tolerant) and b) the walls are thick.

I absolutely agree with you on the subject of “African Headcharge”. That's why I wrote that only the bores are thrown out, while “pleasant” and “annoying” are heard again consciously. It may be that the former turns out to be boring and the latter as cerebral. Ultimately, only the good ones remain in the (virtual) collection. The Rezis for Riddim and Dubblog. That is why there are so seldom tears here. A slap is only necessary if a popular name delivers big crap. Then it has to be published as a warning. Everything else bad is then not worth mentioning.


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