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Bass is the base of Dub! A fact that is as simple as it is evident. Sure: Bass is of course not everything (but everything is in the Dub nothing without bass!). But bass is - at least for me - at least fifty percent of what I wear Dub love. Everything else has to share the remaining percent. And that's why I'm a fan of Kanka, that humble French one Dub-Nerds who regularly offer their music for free download. Kanka is THE man of the bass. Apart from Alpha & Omega, I don't know anyone Dub-Artist who produces bass lines that weigh tons like him. In his music, bass is the all-pervading dark matter. Everything exists IN the bass, not next to it, above or below it. The bass is all encompassing. Well is with "My Bubble" his new album was released. I advise you to listen to it on a good hi-fi system - preferably with a voluminous subwoofer - to enjoy the massage of the bowels and not to switch off even if the structural engineer called for emergency repairs is already in the door. Of course, it is even better to experience Kanka in a live sound system. The little man stands in stoic calm behind his mixer, his gaze never lifts into the audience, he never speaks a word. But the music that he sends through the loudspeaker towers makes the earth shake. The title of the album, "My Bubble", makes it clear that only we hardcoreDub-Nerds who are Kanka's target audience. We who are in one with him Dub- Stuck the filter bubble and know how to enjoy this kind of music. I admit that his music has no sophistication, that it does not contain any fresh ideas and borders on less complexity. For free. But I appreciate what comes from doing without all these ingredients: An absolute focus on the essentials: bass & rhythm. The effect is mesmerizing. A trance ride through the depths of dark matter. The album is included for free download.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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That’s really brutal!

Music for free download! What times! Musical Overkill! Things that cost nothing are suspicious from the start.
There they stand DubProducers' feet. The system is in its own way.
Is everything too much for me and unfortunately I have to repeat myself against it. “If there were only this one DubDisc in the world, I would definitely get it and listen to it with the greatest pleasure, but that's how it runs - if at all - under "also ran". "
The bass is really omnipresent here and penetrates deeply into every pore. But unfortunately, as is so often the case when it comes from the keyboard, the bass drones too much instead of bubbling properly. I now know that you can make the bass bubble with a keyboard and here at “My Bubble” it bubbled really well every now and then. Most of the time, however, I feel the bass more like a droning sound that is too sterile.
The essentials, "the rhythm and the bass" for me is also heavily clouded by a rather boring drumming (if it wasn't completely programmed anyway).
But it is Dub ! And so I can't be completely that kind of Dub revoke. "Spicy" and "Clic Clac" flashed me after all. Perhaps that's because if the “bass drum” doesn't “hit” (programmed into) every beat, there is still a little more room for small, fine musical “over”dubs “remains, which has a very positive effect on the perception of music. But maybe I'm only able to perceive the music better myself if I don't keep getting hit with the bass drum. I still have to analyze that for myself.

Have a nice weekend ……………………… lemmi

Oh, good "old" Kanka ... I feel like lemmi, after all, it is Dub and therefore speaks to me, but the whole disc is too monotonous electronic for me and I lack the certain vibe that makes it up.
Good craftsmanship, good "etudes", but the sound and also the deep basses leave me mostly cold and fail to evoke the warm feeling in me, especially the music Dub-Music that really touches me, conjures up.
That's why this disc is left lying around, because the competition (not least from France itself) is immense ...

The new work by High Tone & Zenzile, Zentone Chapter 2 (after the first Zentone litter from 2006) I would like to highlight at this point, speaks to me much more and causes hearing orgasms in the truest sense of the word (that's mine Dub-Disc of the year? I am sure there will be one soon dubblog review follows, this work cannot be ignored!) ...
And there no leg stays calm and you suddenly want to go to the next dance of the next best sound system in order to dance to exactly these songs (as long as I do it at home for myself and annoy my fellow human beings with fully turned up systems) ...
The nice thing about it is that the whole thing is still available in two versions in purster Dubtradition comes along, a Zen Mix (more classic, atmospheric, also in CD format) and a Tone Mix (where the four vocal tracks aredubbt and the instrumental version are also on it, more for the sound system and the Dub-Nerds as vinyl version) ... Kanka really can't hold a candle to that!
Still respect Brother Kanka, good job!

Hi Philipp K! Like I read your comment! The review of the Zenton 2 just went online. Really a great one Dub-Plant. I'm also completely blown away by it.


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