Khoe-Wa Meets Luiza: Nadjilo

Occasionally I come across music that really makes me happy and that I can hardly get enough of. Currently this is this EP: Khoe-Wa Meets Luiza, "Nadjilo"(ODGPROD). I think five perfect songs. And yes: "Songs", with vocals. Can I still do it under "Dub“Book? I think so, because music and voice are so perfectly symbiosis that the voice becomes an instrument, especially since Luiza sings in the language Shona, which I don't understand at all (sounds strikingly Scandinavian, but is actually used by nine million people of the Shona people as Native language and has the status of a national language in Zimbabwe). She is accompanied by the sounds of the Khoe-Wa Sound System, about which not much can be found, except that it is (probably) based in France and consists of two people: one DubProducers and a sitar player - which in itself is a fantastic combination. The two released an album back in 2016, but it suffered from the somewhat too brutally produced beats. There is no longer any trace of this on “Nadjilo”. Beats, sitar and Luiza's singing add up to gentle, ethereal and yet energetic sounds full of harmony and beauty. It's a shame there are only five tracks. I would prefer 50.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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