King Jammy: Destroys The Virus With Dub

A new one will be released today via Greensleeves / VP Records Dub King Jammy album. No, not a re-issue, but actually a new, real, haptic album. Would the senior – he is now 74 years old – don't sift through his holdings from time to time and go back to the lectern, Jamaicas Dub-Scene would be completely fallow. The high publication frequency of Alborosie falls out of the rating, he is a special case as a newcomer. A local next Dub generation does not exist. Although 2018 Teflon Zincfence with the promising sound-creative statement album "Dub Policy“ surprised and with numerous reminiscences to the golden era of the Dub showed historical awareness. In the end, it was just a brief gasp that didn't lead to a haptic release. the Dubtonic Kru guitarist Jallanzo tries neo-Dub ina UK style and so far has one digital album put on the way. Rory Stonelove's militantly dark Dubs are the positive exception, but only know insiders who are willing to invest a lot of money in showcase vinyl for LPs like Samory I's "Black Gold" (which definitely pays off!). And the Jamaican Nu Roots singer Micah Shemaiah's “Still”, rightly celebrated as last year's album, is ambitious dubwize mixed and has four Dubs on board, but originated in the hands of an American in Florida. The last Dub- Only Lloyd James holds shares in Jamaica. After his rather low-tension “Waterhouse Dub“ from 2017 he now puts “Destroys The Virus With Dub' and demonstrates attitude. While Jamaica is also struggling between thinking and thinking differently, he votes Dub-Virologist for injection, lockdown, social distance, quarantine, tracking... Every single track is a beacon against those who are roaming the streets with Bob Marley's "Get Up Stand Up" because of the corona measures. The mixes are based on songs by Barry Brown, Sugar Minott, Patrick Andy's "Every Tongue Shall Tell" or Hugh Mundell's "Jah Fire Will Be Burning" from 1980, which in the short form "Jah Fire" became the title track of the LP with Lacksley Castell. Ironically, Jammy's 1981 horn-enhanced remix of Black Uhuru's "Time To Unite" becomes "Closed Border Dub“. All tracks are staged with age-appropriate ease. Jammy had started to completely digitize its productions early on. now dubhe practices with digital equipment from digital sources. what his Dubsound inevitably changed. He no longer screwed the tunes through endless echo loops, but designed them with clear bass tones as grooving instrumentals. The reverb rumbles in muffled basements and is often clipped by a gate, while horns boost injections of sharp brass above it. The new sound design manages even digital riddims that caused the crash of the Jamaican in the mid-1980s Dub caused to integrate organically. Tracks by Junior Delgado or Frankie Paul's "Peel Off A Mask" from the 1987 LP "Sara" as well as Gregory Isaac's Thinking Riddim from his 1988 LP "Come Along" are only out of the ordinary because of their mechanical drum sound. They do not form any disruptive factors between the analogue playbacks. All mixes live from the hooklines of well-known tunes from the successful producer. "Destroys The Virus With Dub' comes on vinyl with 10 tracks, the CD version has two more.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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3 stars mean a good album. For a very good (4 stars) or outstanding (5 stars) rating, it lacks a bit of thrill despite many great riddims and attitude.


Thanks for explaining! I don't find the three stars unfair at all and respect your expertise (and your taste). I just wanted to understand more why. But if there is even a "felt" fourth star, I think King Jammy and we can start the weekend very well.

Hi Claas & Helmut, just the McDermott cover and finally a respectable one again Dub-Album by the veterans Prince/King Jammy let a star shine in my mind.

The nice thing about it for me is above all the feel! Music to touch ;-)

I am happy that there is something beyond the banal streaming again. So far I've only done the 45 second check and found that I might be missing a bit of the thrill. But once I have the disc at home, I'll provide the necessary thrill ;-)

"Dub never dies, just becomes immediately probably” …………………………………… lemmi

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