King Pong Dub System: Dub Brut

Jakob Rehlinger is a German who lives in Canada or a Canadian of German descent. Anyway, that doesn't matter now either. In any case, I would describe Jakob Rehlinger as a "cosmic" music composer and improviser who lives in Etobicoke, Ontario. He has released a large number of albums so far, not only under his real name, but also with umpteen synonyms: King Pong Dub System, BABEL, Moonwood, Heavy Moon, TRANZMIT and in various genres. Of Dub, Chillout, Funk, Krautrock, Psychedelic, Berlin to Düsseldorf school, everything is represented.

We are of course focusing on this Dub - what else? When it was first officially published as “King Pong Dub System: Islington West “he had a certain unease according to his own statements. A "white" man, produces music that is heavily dated Dub is inspired without black musicians or musicians of Jamaican origin being involved. Although King Pong primarily makes this music out of appreciation and respect, it is inevitable to also acquire cultural elements of the music. In the course of time, King Pong managed to create his own sound. His albums, which he recorded completely in personal union, are now a little less authentic Dub- Reggae rhythms and sounds "inspire". Nevertheless, King Pong has to acknowledge that he is standing on the high shoulders of “black” giants: King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Scientist, Mad Professor, Sly & Robbie, Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, Augustus Pablo and many others from from which he borrowed sounds, aesthetics and even elements of his nickname. This year he has again released the album "King Pong Dub System: Dub Brut“Pre-buttoned and remixed. The result is a Dub from the long post-punk tradition with unmistakable borrowings from “white” men like The Clash, Mark Stewart and Adrian Maxwell Sherwood. "Dub Brut “are improvised drum machine jams and live loop sessions that Jakob Rehlinger aka King Pong recorded and performed almost entirely livedubbt were. With every further listening the album reveals new sound effects.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Yo! In a nutshell, I would say DUB RULES !!!

That's the way it is. You can't and don't have to change anything. This too DubFor me, the disc belongs in the DubHall of Fame. The basslines groove from front to back, at least for me.
The DubEffects are completely to my taste and with every listen I still discover a little more. This is actually very typical for DubMusic!
The more you listen to an album, the more you discover and it actually gets a little better with every run through. The increase is of course roughly the same as in high-performance sport. Once you are in the range of the world record, you can usually only improve by a few millimeters or a few hundredths of a second. With most mainstream radio hits, it's actually the other way around. It may well be that there is something really good there, but it sucks quickly and crumbles more and more with each listening session until you find it just boring. I have surely generalized that too much but you can tell that many others feel the same way. Many "mainstreamers" (especially those with tattoos) are even partially ashamed today for what they have heard in their past. Ok, stop it.
I like those here too Dubs - "Dub Demons ”and“ Hatred Version ”- which actually sound a bit“ funky ”to me. I am particularly enthusiastic about the “Hatred Version” with a “great
Space Action ”, if I can sum it up like that. At the top of the Throne Of Dub sits with me “Oscillator Dub“! That thing digs really deep in mine DubHead on. It doesn't sound like On-U.Sound, but it could well come from an offshoot of the On-U.Sound Posse. In any case, I think I have found proof here, that of Adrian Sherwood
definitely has a great role model function. Sounds really nice like “Dungeon Dub" for my DubEars. And Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah also greets him here with his percussions from a distance or from the depths of the room.
I dare to suggest that a theremin could also have been used here. At least also when it comes to the “cool space action” in “Hatred Version”. But here and there I also hear the part in one or the other Dub on this very horny DubDisc. Sounds like Creation Rebel every now and then, but the feeling is then very special inside me. The only drawback that I have with "Dub Brut “think is the drum machine. Every now and then a few crisp accents are missing that we not only love from Style Scott. But that doesn't matter, because the record is really great too.

DUB RULES !!! ………………………… .. lemmi

Hi lemmi,

it is always fascinating what you dig up / hear from there and get to the point extremely well. Thanks a lot for this!
With Jacob's great role model, you made a precision landing. Of course, the living legend - wow, now - Adrian Maxwell Sherwood.
King Pong's albums almost all go a bit into this On-U. Sound direction, although the bottom line is that they are quite independent. The fact that you have to hear it a hundred times to really work out all the subtleties shows parallels to On-U. Sound.
In retrospect, I could even bite my butt because I was too light, old Sherwood freak of the first hour, giving the album only 3,5 stars. The annoying star theme ...

No problem Ras Vorbei !

Stars come and go in - from a human point of view - the eternal cycle of life ...... ..

In addition, a few stars for The Magnificent One And Only ADRIAN SHERWOOD have to stay in the magazine ;-)

Yes, there is “patriotism” in the Dub ……………… .. lemmi

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