King Size Dub 25

She is still alive, perhaps the oldest Dubcompilation series in the world: “King Size Dub' by Echo Beach. In 1994 King Size was released Dub 1" - at that time at the height of Dub-Hypes published in cooperation with the music magazine Spex. But while Spex and hype died out in the meantime, Echo Beach is the topic Dub remained true and has risen to become the most important label of this genre (at least) in the German-speaking world. Now Echo Beach is releasing “King Size Dub 25“. Anniversary! Congratulations. The label itself celebrates the 25th edition and looks inward, at its own artists, some of whom remix each other here. That's why Vol. 25 contains the Who's Who of the Echo Beach companions, like Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, Dubvisionist, Dubblestandard, Dubmatix, Seeed and many others. It's also nice to hear how diverse the spectrum of Dub-Artists and their music and how harmoniously everything fits together perfectly. Truly an epoch-making series that is celebrating a milestone birthday here. Let's hope that someday we'll be king size Dub 50 will hear.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Now comes schoooohn!

25 years and still no opinion on Echo Beach?!? Well, who cares, I have an opinion on almost everything, even if it is rarely well-founded.
Anyway, first of all, I would like to congratulate you and I hope that I will still be at the start for the 50th.
However, I ask for your indulgence if my opinion on the “King Size Dub 25" is not really well-founded. So far I've only had it run through about "25 times" here at work and that's mostly very superficial and incomplete. But I can still say with certainty that there are a lot of good ones Dubthere is material for me. That was or is simply too obvious. So far I've bought all the discs from the King Size series, but I'm afraid not all 25 will be here Dubs fit on a CD. However, we also had double CDs, "if I'm not mistaken" ;-). The series finally started with a double “Serial Murder Style” …. However, I don't think that the 37+x min. medley by Watershell would be completely included. If so, I'll take that too!
In any case, it would be a pity if this 25th anniversary were simply lost in the "swamp of crime". I'd rather be able to line it up with my other Echo Beach collection, then pull it out at least every 25 years, and take in all the diversity of Dub add. After all, every now and then I need the time for King Size One up to King Size 50 …………….

"No matter what the people say, this sound leads the way" ……………………….. lemmi

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