Kino Doscun & Youthie: Sahar

I love it when yourself Dub mixed with atypical musical cultures. Dub and classical music has always fascinated me, the combination of Dub and jazz I love very much and also the mixture of Dub with Nordic melodies I have fond memories of some productions. That reminds me: I had one of the first encounters of this kind on an album by the Twinkle Brothers, which they had recorded together with some Polish violinists. What was it called? Doesn't matter. What has always worked great is the combination of Dub with oriental harmonies. I'm thinking of the Spy from Cairo and others. How nice that we finally have this exciting sound again in the form of a successful album: "Sahar(Merkaba Music) by Kino Doscun & Youthie. Trombonist, flautist and accordionist Youthie might Dub-Be well known to fans. Just think of their fantastic Macca Dread productions. Youthie is now a guarantee for good music. But who is Kino Doscun? My research leads me to a certain Dino Coskun who is a sound engineer at the Opéra National de Paris. His specialty is remixing and Dubpracticing oriental music by playing oud, saz, guitar and percussion, looping and then in dubBig sound textures transferred. On "Sahar" he is responsible for almost all instruments. Youthie is limited to trombone, flute and accordion. The result is a fascinating one Dub-Melange of complex oriental melodies, sensitive instrumental solos, of course lots of bass and restrained reggae beats. Everything is interwoven in complex arrangements and mixed with virtuosity. Were it not for the echoes and reverb, "Sahar" could be mistaken for an elaborately arranged instrumental album. The music is unmistakably based on reggae basslines and regularly sounding offbeats, but the strong oriental character of the instruments and the melodies lead us to the limits of the genre - and at the same time prove to us how universal reggae and Dub could be.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Yeah man

I also think this EP is really crazy. Basically, I also like this oriental one Dub or this fantastic one DubMusic that sounds like it came from The Thousand and One Nights. The Spy from Cairo already has the license for me for a long time dubben. The oriental instruments and the occasionally interspersed, very fine accordion playing by Youthie broaden my horizons by "360 degrees". The riddims are also consistently the finest and fire my imagination, but testify even more to the virtuoso creativity that seems to be in Youthie in particular, because this young lady blows me away with her releases again and again.
What flashes me the most here on this EP is the magic DubTune "Pergamino" !!! Here, too, I have the feeling that Ali Baba and the 40 robbers play the instruments with full passion and when Youthie then plays the accordion, I've almost arrived in nirvana. I finally get there when the BassLine, at about the same time as Youthie's accordion, transitions from an introductory but also quite well driving bass melody to this bass run coming from the depths of all consciousness and the riddim powerful like a moraine over all topographies of the earth's crust propels and advances as if there were no more obstacles. (I would like to use it against the Russians, but I won't write that here because the topic is too serious for that)
The is completely completed DubThen tune through the OffBeatRiddim !!! I think it's more than just fantastic how the riddim is changed from dull - as if coming from another room - through a skilfully used high-pass filter (???) so tonally that it finally feels like a very pleasantly tickling brush in my central nervous system stimulates my soul. In addition, a well-dosed echo with a delicate pinch of reverberation. I know that alone doesn't make anyone Dub but what if Dub without these glorious gimmicks?!

I'm excited !!! ………………………. lemmi

By the way – if it wasn't meant ironically anyway – these DubDisc with the violins from Poland and the "Twinkels" from Jamaica could "Dub With Strings”. One of the most boring and desolate DubDiscs that I even have at home on vinyl. I would say no one needs it ;-)

As long as …………. lemmi

This is of course a veeery different number!

Pay It All Back Chapter 4 !!! So I know this one Dubtune ! Almost exists there inna showcase style! Very nice!

On .U Sound Is In The Area !!! …………………. lemmi

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