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There is music that literally makes you sit up and take notice. A few weeks ago my daughter asked whether I "KMFDM: In Dub“(Metropolis Records) would know; I absolutely have to listen to the album once - after tons of heavy sounds from early childhood, she knows her "old man" too well. And what shall I tell you? The “In Dub“Is one of those again Dub- Curiosities that have always cast a spell on me.

KMFDM was founded in 1984 by Sascha "Käpt'n K" Konietzko as a performance art project in Hamburg, moved its headquarters to Chicago in 1991 and has been successful in industrial metal / industrial rock for over 36 years. None other than the ON .U sound mastermind Adrian Sherwood, who has been exploring the endless possibilities of the Dub-Musik, produced the KMFDM album "Don't Blow Your Top" in 1988 and continued with its mixture of industrial, rock, Dub creative standards again.

About the album itself, “Käpt'n K” said in an interview: “The idea of ​​a Dub-Making a plate had been brewing for a number of years. I just never found the time to sit down and tackle the project. Some of my earliest musical influences were Dub and reggae and I did the project really old school. The dismantling of the original tracks and the brass arrangements were a lot of fun for me. In doing so, I found out that songs are at 125 BPM too dubben is not so ideal. It worked best with the slow and really fast tracks. ”That sounds very interesting. So I got down to the album and delved into the matter. “Käpt'n K” has reinterpreted twelve songs that span their entire career. Already after the first full rimshot on the snare at "Dub Light “I knew that this was an album to my liking. I would never have dreamed that this groovy and rocking source material would be so skillfully integrated Dubcostume transfer. Lucia Cifarelli sings “Everything Old Is New Again” on “Real Dub Thing ”and thus perfectly defines the power of“ In Dub". KMFDM hymns are reinterpreted and garnished with a hodgepodge of meditative grooves with groovy guitar passages, high-pitched horns, intense organ sounds and heavy bass lines, as on “A Dub Against War "," Hau Dub"," Bumaye "presented. With “Bumaye” I mean to hear a sequence with Nina Hagen's voice.
All in all, an album that is bursting with ideas and yet Dubheads will polarize. Quote from a fan: “My girlfriend likes reggae, but KMFDM not so much. Now she likes KMFDM too ”. For ON .U Sound Addicts from the very beginning, “KMFDM: In Dub“An easy exercise and access to those seldom heard sounds may be a little easier.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One reply to “KMFDM: In Dub"

In fact, I am reminded of On .U Sound very quickly and often. Strange Parcels and also the amazing Mark Stewart send their regards, I have a feeling. Which is when I get access to the Dubs would be. Mark Stewart and the Strange Parcels did not immediately cast a spell over me from A to Zett. Often I even had to skip it or put the needle across a whole groove. I always say, On .U Sound covers the entire spectrum. It goes from almost inedible to completely fascinating and breaking all chains. But it's always impressive! On .U Sound is there like a prism and if music were also something like light, that would mean that the spectrum here not only lets through visible light, but also all other spectra (or spectra) from beneficial to infrared and gamma radiation , right down to the spectrum of dark matter.
Adrian Sherwood doesn't seem to have been there. In any case, I don't have any of its distinctive features here DubEffects that only he and no one else can discover. Nothing was written about that in the review either, so that's probably the case.
And so it happened that I did the first five Dubs still had a rather “dry mouth”. Unfortunately, the BassLines here are probably not from Doug Wimbish and therefore may not have that much magic. He probably doesn't play the bass on “Amnesia” either, but from “Amnesia” I only really wake up then ;-) Here the music penetrates mine unchecked again
tricky psyche and makes me high even without anesthesia. In addition, there are the somewhat harder ones from the style of play Dubs like “Rebelz Dub"" Hau Dub"" No God "and Para Dub and let's see what else will crystallize out for me. The mentioned Dubs, I find it deeply psychedelic and therefore very appealing. Most of the others Dubs, the “alternating song” with the girls seems a little too poppy to me. But by no means bad or inaudible. Everything goes very well with me.
I have to admit that I cannot distinguish between Nina Hagen's and Ari Up's vocals in short vocal passages. So I can't help you there Ras Vorbei.

Until …………. lemmi

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