Ksanti & Owl Trackers: Time Lapse

Most Dub-Albums obey a consistent style - from the first to the last track. Once the Logic Pro setting has been found, it can be copied from track to track. The collaboration project of the two producers Ksanti & Owl Trackers: "Time Lapse“Breaks with this pattern and rather resembles a journey through different styles, musical influences, moods and tempos. The spectrum ranges from gentle steppers to Indian influences to lo-fi and electro-Dub. And that in just four tracks (and an interlude)!

Ksanti & Owl Trackers are two French producers. Ksanti is a Dubmaker from Bordeaux, with a preference for progressive steppers and musical experiments in the direction of electro, chill and sometimes lo-fi sounds. Owl Trackers, on the other hand, is a Dubmaker from the Paris region, the Dub connects with electro, trip-hop or techno influences and weaves them into fascinating soundscapes.

“Time Lapse” leads us through these landscapes in slow motion. the Dubs radiate an uncommonly contemplative calm while at the same time a feeling of sublimity arises with which we look at the beauty of the imaginary musical landscape. Sounds a bit pompous, but - if you get involved - is what makes these four tracks so attractive. Have a listen. Of the Download is free.

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