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The year 2020 is drawing to a close and I will find a suitable conclusion on time. A curiosity, one of those Dubious Music albums, which I love so much, have been rotating at least twice a day for two weeks. At first glance, the album sounds as if the ON-U sound legends Adrian Sherwood, African Head Charge and Strange Parcels have teamed up and have now released a side project under the stage name "Kutiman". Far from it, the Israeli kibbutznik, producer, filmmaker and multi-instrumentalist Ophir "Kutiman" Kutiel is behind it all. Musically, Kutiman is at home in a wide variety of genres such as funk, afrobeat, world music, jazz, psychedelic rock and alternative. He has now allowed himself a full six years to "Kutiman: Wachaga In Dub" to publish.
With large equipment (microphones, video recording devices), Kutiman, whom almost every child in Israel recognizes on the street, flew to Tanzania, Africa in 2014. There he worked with tribes of the Maasai and the Wachaga, a group of indigenous peoples who live at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Based on the field recordings made there by local musicians, tribal chants and singing school children from Arusha, he then meticulously put together “Wachaga” in his home studio. From five of the nine original titles of his fourth studio album, he has now created “Wachaga In Dub". More classic in spirit Dub-Albums, Kutiman takes parts of the original source material, rearranges them, adds delay, reverb and phaser to push his music to new hallucinogenic heights. The result is a truly unique concept that combines traditional African chants and rhythms with spiritual jazz and fresh-sounding electronics. The rhythm patterns, chants, and repetitive passages provide the perfect platform for Kutiman's mind-expanding explorations. The psychedelic “Awake In Dub“Sounds like Doug Wimbish recorded the rich bass lines. "Maasai In Dub“Is an acoustic-African trip - (m) a killer track. The mini-album is a tour de force that hits the bull's eye because it merges sampling, electronica, jazz and an extremely large number of them Dub-Effects reveals an exoticism that you rarely get to hear in this way. More of this, please, Kutiman.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Again due to time constraints, I haven't heard this fantastic "record" up and down. But it would be too “a shame” for that. Because I always like to put something on (or press play) when it's time for those very special moments. Then when everything fits, so to speak! Everyone is well looked after and nobody is annoying! Phone off and after me the “SinnFlut”….
Unfortunately there are only five Dubs, which all protrude far beyond the edges of any plate and once again show how infinitely large it is DubUniverse is. I even like the jazz here, which was probably played by Africans and therefore really grooves.
The music itself is extremely mystical, which is emphasized by the chants of the school children and the tribal members. This is a stylistic device from Adrian Sherwood, which is largely responsible for the fact that I appreciate or adore this man so much, not to say "adore". Most of it comes through with African Head Charge but also in various other tunes a "Hoi Hoi Hoi AAAAAUUUUUUUUHHHHH" is interspersed, so that I can only come to the conclusion that Yo that is exactly mine !!!
In addition to the mystical groove, there are actually a lot of completely weird ones DubAdded effects so that the Exotic could only be surpassed, if at all, by African Head Charge. You can of course let the “disc” run “up and down”, but just to hear it on the side, the good Kutiman would not have had to take six years. For my part, I would definitely like to have MORE OF THIS !!!
I fluctuate between “Maasai In Dub"And" Tanzania In Dub“And still can't decide which one Dub I think better now. Ok, then I'll take Awake In The Rain Dub". It's awesome too! I like them all! I would like to mention that I have no plan for jazz but if “Tanzania in Dub“Jazz is also, then jazz and I might also“ get into business ”. To the DubI can only say gimmicks, FANTASTIC! As already mentioned, I don't always need it, but when groove and effects let me rise to spheres where I no longer know where up and down, front or back is, then that feels extremely right to me.

"Every Moove Of the Individual Shakes The Cosmos" …………………………. lemmi

Hi lemmi,

Once again, there is nothing to add to your detailed comment. Except maybe the Black Uhuru / Michael Rose quote: "The whole World is Africa ..." With which M. Rose is absolutely right geographically, geologically (Pangea) and from an evolutionary point of view.

Stay tuned….

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