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The little world tour continues. How about reggae /Dub made in Peru? I have to admit, until a few months ago Peru was a black spot on my reggae map. Laguna Pai was founded in Lima in 2008. The seven-person troupe played in Berlin in 2017 and on the Rototom in Italy in 2018. The band presents an unusual mix of reggae and rock. With two guitars, synthesizers, classic keyboards and solid reggae rock rhythms, a new genre was born on the Peruvian music scene alongside cumbia and folklore. Influences from Bob Marley & The Wailers, Pink Floyd, Manu Chao and also the roots of ethnic Peruvian music can be heard in their arrangements and compositions. Occasionally there are also quite groovy guitar riffs, but they have little in common with David Gilmour's (Pink Floyd) atmospheric Fender Stratocaster guitar sound. This is followed by very nice soundscape-heavy synth passages. The themes of the lyrics, sung in both English and Spanish, revolve around: environmental protection, justice, social inclusion, self-reflection and spirituality.

At the end of 2015, Laguna Pai had finished recording their third album "Resiliencia". “We called the album“ Resiliencia ”because the world is currently suffering from a lot of trauma that needs to be overcome. Humanity has to transform itself. It is of enormous importance not only to adapt but also to change and to learn lessons from both good and bad experiences. If we don't do this, we will go the wrong way. ”The band's statement from 2015 is more relevant than ever at the moment.

Ok, back to the topic: So after the band got in touch with Jim Fox, “Resiliencia” was recorded, mixed and co-produced at the Lion and Fox Studios in Washington, DC. The band sees the collaboration with Jim Fox as a stroke of luck, because it was particularly important for the band to find the sound after they had been looking for a long time. Laguna Pai has finally found this sound under the aegis of Jim Fox. That Jim Fox is an outstanding personality for reggae and Dub is, one certainly does not have to expressly emphasize here. According to Laguna Pai, it is thanks to Jim Fox's 40 years of experience that they have succeeded in capturing the spirituality and magic of their reggae. To my delight, Jim Fox sat down at the mixer again in 2017 and for us Dubheads the "Resilience Dubs“Mixed. With these Dubs Laguna Pai are now reaching completely new shores. Jim Fox explores the eleven “Resiliencia Dubs “masterly harmonies and musical arrangements without losing sight of the true essence of the tracks. We can only expect better, more relaxed Dub but no acoustic fireworks. Jim Fox uses all of the experience he has gained in the course of his long work as a sound engineer and studio operator on recordings with: Groundation, Scientist, Black Uhuru, Israel Vibration, Culture and so many others. Especially with Jim Fox's participation, Laguna Pai got a much deeper sound. Precisely because the spherical synthesizer sounds, long guitar and keyboard solos, powerful basslines and drum patterns partly come from different music genres, they preserve the band's unique personality.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Nice album! I really like this worn, earthy laid-back style. Reminds of Groundation's "Dub Wars “, say the Marcus Urani / Jim Fox times.

PS: The sudden silence in “De Otra Manera Dub“Is downright breathtaking!

yes, I agree. The voice of Mariano Palacios also comes across very pleasantly for me. What I particularly like about the album is the pleasant, warm atmosphere. One of these albums that plays easily as background music but can also be listened to with concentration.

Is a fine find again indeed Ras Vorbei. Starts really well with the first notes. Heavenly feelings lift me above the clouds and are kept in a solid orbit by the beautiful warm riddim as if by thermal forces. Yes, and I no longer consciously refuse a certain melancholy, which I especially felt here in the first half of the Dubfeel s to feel. From the minute 2:40 I am torn from all my dreams. The sound from the keyboard creates a kind of "tinnitus"
in my head and breaks the whole nice feeling for me. Well, it doesn't matter there are many more Dubs on this really nice one DubDisc. I fluctuate between “Otra Manera Dub"And" The I Dub“As spontaneous top favorites on this record. Of course, I was also curious about the “sudden silence” described by gtkriz as “breathtaking”, but as is usually the case with “spoilers”, this effect did not unfold for me as it did with gtkriz. Of the Dub is really good anyway. And I think so is the drummer
especially in this one Dub but also a few excellent little eddies. A drummer like gtkriz certainly has a more fitting term for this, but I feel such small "drum vortices" with skillfully set accents, always very refreshing and they are basically the icing on the cake for me, even if they are also accompanied by strong basslines, such as It is common here on the disc, not only accompanied, but literally - like on hands - carried.
Overall, my little "musical enemies", rustling and flying cymbals can be heard here and there, but they don't annoy me in the least because they (from mine
View) were skillfully and correctly controlled. Yes, and also, if the guitars do not yet conjure up the really great melodies a la David Gilmour, I have to say that I like them just as much. Melody, sound and atmosphere lift the Dubs ultimately to the highest level, what is the little DubHead Lemmi can offer. The synthesizers support this with their spherical soundscapes.
There are also Dubs here, like "Canales Dub“, Which I found yawning boring at first. But after the second or third attempt nothing of it can be felt anymore, because you can do this too DubDisk doesn't really know what's in it once you've heard it. However, there are many reasons to hear the disc more than once.
This also clearly includes 28 Dubs !!! Solid proof that Dub does not always have to be reggae and that there are still many “deep wild” for me Dub Fields ”is where I can look for buried utensils from long ago“ battles ”. Oh no, I prefer to leave the search to you. I haven't been a “seeker” for a long time, because I've found everything I was looking for. I think so. Sometimes you find something that you weren't looking for and you really like it.
Originally I didn't like reggae and either Dub searched. They found me and not the other way around. Sometimes I think reggae and Dub was invented especially for me but always when I hear or read you like that, I think it's good that there are other people who appreciate it just as well (or even better) than - like me.

Oh yes, I also like the vocal record “Resilencia” very much …………………… lemmi

Hey lemmi,
when I was a drummer, people used to say “rolls” or “fills”. But why not also "Drum Eddy" ... the main thing is that it rips :-)

If it wasn't so unlikely, I would say that Groundation's Paul Spina is on the drums. Whoever plays there, the similarity of the style is striking, everything comes just as easily from the wrist as with Spina.

I've had the album since Ras VorbeiHeard the review umpteen times because…. great. But I swear: That sudden moment of silence in “De Otra Manera Dub“Which is only released after what feels like an eternity with a soft percussion, still makes me fix & foxi every time. The marmot greets you every hour, so to speak ;-)

Honor where honor is due: Assad Sacin sat at the batería, who has since been replaced by Will "Willowman" Willierius.

Hi "chief commentator" lemmi ;-),

my two favorites are “Without Dubbing "and" 28 Dubs “. The "28 Dubs “are reminiscent of Latin American music but also a little bit of the floating, ethereal guitar sounds of Pink Floyd. My tinnitus obviously has a different frequency, so I can hear the Moog sounds from 2:40 on “Without Dubbing “listen casually. On the contrary, I find 2:40 a counterpoint. In any case, lemmi, a comprehensive, very apt description of your feelings and perceptions. As always super good, it's good! Thanks!

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