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Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts

We Dubheads live in our little, hermetic Dub-Bubble and celebrate our very, very special interest sub-genre as the center of the world. A navel whose existence 99,999999 percent of humanity do not even suspect. Compared to rock, pop and hip hop, the music we revolve around lives absolutely hidden. This obscurity is downright cynical in view of the fact that the descendants of Dubas z. B. Discomixes, remixes or bass music have long since become part of the mainstream. But whatever? As long as there are still musicians and producers who provide our bladder with fresh supplies, we don't care if the world out there takes notice of us. And yet ... Somehow the missionary in me stirs: “Hey guys, listen to this. It will change your life! ”. Well, yes, you will be allowed to dream. But in fact, a fantastic opportunity is opening up, not for the mainstream, but for people interested in music outside our bubble to glimpse the beauty of Dub to grant: "Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts". Late Night Tales is a compilation series that has been inviting artists and DJs since 2001 to delve deep into their personal collections and curate the “ultimate late night mix”. Twenty years ago it was a completely new and hugely popular concept. We remember z. B. to the extremely popular KJ Kicks series, or to the legendary Fabric compilations. What made these CD series so interesting at the time: With extensive marketing, they were aimed at an open-minded music audience and gave the collected genre productions an incomparable reach. In the Spotify age, this may not be that important anymore - but it still works. That's why it's something very special when a series like “Late Night Tales” (according to GQ the “Rolls Royce among the series”) invites DJ, radio DJ and filmmaker Don Letts to invite them Dub- Curate album.

Who, if not Don Letts, would be the perfect man to lead this missionary crossover, since he has always stood for the mixture of diverse musical cultures and Dub. “A disciple of sound system, raised on reggae n 'bass culture my go to sound was dub. Besides being spacious and sonically adventurous at the same time, its most appealing aspect was the space it left to put yourself 'in the mix' underpinned by Jamaica's gift to the world - bass. But that's only half the story as the duality of my existence meant I was also checking what the Caucasian crew were up to not to mention the explosion of black music coming in from the States. ”Don Letts explains his musical background and continues:“ That's why "Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion" crosses time, space and genre, from The Beach Boys to The Beatles, Nina Simone to Marvin Gaye, The Bee Gees to Kool & The Gang, The Clash to Joy Division and beyond. You'd think it impossible to draw a line between 'em? But not in my world. Fortunately, the 'cover version' has played an integral part in the evolution of Jamaican music and dub covers were just a natural extension. "

What a cool idea! There Dub - at least in Lat's view - remix means that he only offers versions of songs that were created outside of reggae. A strong concept that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ideally suited to addressing a mainstream audience outside of reggae.

Yes, Don Letts is the missionary I would like to be. Aware of his chance, he was by no means satisfied with submitting a disdainful list of titles to Late Night Tales, but made his little one out of it Dub-Exhibiting a real masterpiece by following the principle of remixing Dub made not only the principle of his selection of cover versions, but also the principle of his presentation. That is why 13 of his 21 tracks are “Exclusives”, i.e. remixes or remixes.Dubs historical productions created by the likes of Mad Professor, Scientist or Dennis Bovell.

Well, the man is in love with concepts - but so am I and can therefore only praise his Late Night Tales Version Excursions in the highest tones. Since the whole thing is done with a decent budget and a lot of marketing, there is also an entertaining video in which Letts explains the criteria of his selection and gives a few anecdotes about the individual titles. Cool guy and very eloquent. A born ambassador of Dub.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One reply to "Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts"

Yes, it turned out to be a very nice sampler. Music productions that come with Ghetto Priest are worth a lot of attention to me. Even if he is here more as a bearer of spirituality - with very little text. For me, Ghetto Priest is also something of a guru for spiritual music. I don't just mean the relation to JAH, but what I mean by spiritual. Music that not only lasts for a week, but remains deep in the consciousness until the end of the day and also digs into the subconscious and supplies the whole tree of life with nutrients. "You know what im mean?!?"
The sampler has been put together with great attention to detail and - also from my point of view - forms a large part of the range of Dub from what the diversity and especially the flexibility of Dub generally shows. And that, although or precisely because not only riddims from Jamaica were used here.
The range here goes from cool funky hip-hop style (you are welcome to correct me if this is more a kind of jazz, because I only know reggae first and foremost), such as “Hercules” - Ghetto Priest, about reverberation and echo thunderstorms, as in Capitol 1212 with Earl 16, to being accompanied by violins and very relaxed Dubs. And old reggae and DubHeads are then at Dubs like “Uptown Top Ranking” turned completely on the left because they expected something completely different from the title and are now positively surprised. There is Dubs, like that of Matumbi / Dennis Bovell, where DubJunkies like me are allowed to linger in the atmosphere of the TwilightZone and occasionally ask themselves, is that now? Dub or already Motown. Yes, I know it should say, is it still Motown or already Dub. From a purely temporal point of view, but also assessed qualitatively, stands Dub via Motown, of course. From one point of view, of course Dubheads (or should I write, from my point of view). Quite apart from that, I found and still think a lot of Motown is really great. Without really knowing anything about it, though.
And there are Dubs like OBF's! Short and sweet, limited to the essentials and with little space on or in the effects - this is probably the future of Dub look or sound. Also such DubI enjoy listening to s now and then, as long as it is still analog in the future DubMaterial to marvel at.
Even if Mad Professor has had to take criticism from me over the years, he shows here again what I mean by analog DubUnderstand atmosphere. It wouldn't be funny now if he didn't play with analog equipment at all. Then I would have to stop again in the "DubSchool Supanava “take a few tutoring lessons or I would say then just listen to the Senior Allstars, who are here in the very finest DubManner are there.
Merely on DubExcursions to the “DeepField Of Dub a la African Head Charge or Audio Active “with Special On U. Sound Flair was omitted. Probably because you offer something to the mainstream and don't go straight back to the Deep Field Of Dub wanted to venture out. Because apparently only aliens like Lee Perry and people like me, who sometimes think they are ET, still have real fun there.
I've been advocating the thesis for a long time DubMusic is primarily music for musicians. Only musicians think beyond normal listening to music and being a musician. For a vocation alone! You are “normally” always looking for the next step. Just recently I heard an interesting statement on Skobel (a program about psychology and philosophy on 3 sat). “Music only becomes really interesting and therefore good (commentator added) when it breaks taboos! When she rejects the mundane! Most of the mainstream ditty is always about the everyday topic of love. In addition, a little Anna guitar is plucked and a little jingling is built around it for alibi purposes. But it's actually always about the greasy text. Someone is always heartbroken and the main team is 99.9999999% served and satisfied or "happy" in their melancholy. I too had to go through such phases. Terrible !
But now I'm not a musician and yet I feel exactly as I described it in my thesis. I like breaking taboos in my life. But only those that I can represent before JAH. The mainstream is relative anyway. For techno fans, I'm mainstream because I don't have a plan for techno. But I think it's at least partially really good. as DubOf course I'm a fan of OpenMinded, as it's always been called. And where are more taboos broken than in that DubMusic!?! The wonderful arrogance alone
(Quote from René) to break off the singing in the middle of a sentence and let it slide into the room with reverb and echo is entirely to my (our) taste. But something of!
For most people, no more than breaking a taboo. Then there are the grooviest riddims that are created around the world. It's not just “the guitar and the piano in German” (without clever ideas) but what is going on around the world, becomes in the Dub processed or refined.
I also let my complexes shine through from time to time and so I write here that everything I say about myself can be quite nonsense. But as long as nobody convinces me otherwise, I will stick to my theses. You can certainly go much deeper into the antimatter, but now I only go down as deep as the roots of the trees penetrate the ground. It is the roots that prompt me to add something in visual language. I come up with it because I go to Dub via RootsMusic. Mikey Dread sang "Dub Is The Roots “and my (our) favorite music is all about the roots.
The roots of every plant are generally underground. And therefore are not visible to everyone. Especially not for the mainstream, which seems to be much more interested in the colorful forest of leaves. Already in elementary school, but at the latest from the many RastaReggaeArtists, I (we) learned that no tree grows without the roots and that leaves cannot exist at all. The above examples (discomixes, remixes) could also be used for all these colorful leaves Dubstep, hip hop and rap are among them. Everything would be nonexistent if it weren't for the roots. It is often claimed that reggae also has its roots, but these are just conspiracy theories ;-)
RootsDubReggae is the one and only ROOTSMUSIC !!! No matter what musicologists want to find out about it. For me, roots areDubReggae that which was before the Big Bang. So! I hope the mainstreamers (those streamers! ... except those present ;-)) have now understood a little better why DubMusic is the best that mankind has ever produced. Before that, the music was still in the discovery phase. Somewhere in Africa there was a musical big bang and only the music where this big bang still reverberates has deep, solid and rich roots!

"People! You´ve Got It Now “… People! You´ve Got It Now…. Roots and Culture! Roots and Culture! (I could turn it off again) ……………. lemmi

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