Le Faune Stepper: Paradoxes

If you fancy cracking steppers, Le Faune Stepper is the place for you. On his new album "Paradox’ (ODG) the bass drum hits the floor in staccato. In addition, there are sometimes very bad synth sounds. So bad it's fun again. And of course lots and lots of bass. Since the experienced trumpeter Robin Pavie is behind Le Faune Stepper, we also hear many beautiful wind solos, which are sometimes reminiscent of Balkan sounds. In general, you have to use some imagination when composing his Pavie Dubs concede. So many fine melodies adorn the often brute stepper beats. It's almost a shame that the Faun obscures the artistic aspects of his work with his distorted basses and brutal beats. On the other hand, the contrast between finely crafted elements and brutal anarchy is particularly attractive. Like all ODG albums, "Paradoxe" is also available free download available. It's also available on stream - and if you want to do a good deed, you can do so too Bandcamp also buy.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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