Lee Perry: Life of the Plants

And another new Perry album. The reggae madman is still amazingly productive at 82. However, his workload is limited to the bare minimum. With "Life of the Plants“(Stones Throw) it was Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis (both form the Californian electronicDub-Band Peaking Lights), who meticulously prepared very progressive tracks in the field of tension between reggae and electronics, while Perry was then through with his spontaneous vocals in record time. The two describe the recording session in a very amusing way: “The session took place in the Stones Throw Studios in Los Angeles. Perry came in the morning, put candles, burned sage, decorated the room to his liking, and started recording. His first vocal recording took an unexpected 20 minutes. Studio engineer Jake Viator manually extended the track in real time for as long as Perry continued. Immediately afterwards, Perry free-styled the overdub Back-up track in another 20 minutes. “The work was done. The EP consists of only three tracks and two Dub-Versions - all between 8 and 10 minutes long. The arrangements are pretty bulky and could pass as Adrian Sherwood plagiarism. For me, Perry's “singing” always causes latent stress, which the music of the Peaking Lights recklessly stimulates. So the life of the plants is not exactly inviting for relaxed enjoyment. But as a horizon-broadening one Dub-I'll let this experiment pass.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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High René!

"For me, Perry's" singing "always causes latent stress ..."

In the meantime, I am always most happy when you discreetly reveal your latent aversion to Perry's "vocals".
From your “mouth” it always sounds very charming. Every now and then I feel the same way, but I think overall I can handle Perry's “vocals” much better. I also feel the croak on “Cricket On The Moon” as
fitting and appropriate. He sings, "Kick the Pope in his Ass" and then imitates the noises that the Pope would probably make. Well, in this context I find Perry's interpretation of the situation a bit exaggerated, but when I imagine that it could be not just a simple kick but the "pear of the Pope", then it suddenly fits really well; -)
I dared to formulate things because I do not consider it appropriate in any way to have to show consideration for the Catholic sect. Should it go beyond the scope, I will hand over my comment to the censorship.

Even with “Life Of The Plants” I don't feel the slightest stress. Lee Perry's vocals are once again raised to an unearthly level with reverb and echo, so that they seem more like an additional magical instrument to me.
The riddims also fit very well for me as a “horizon-broadening” Dub-Experiment ”where you quickly notice how much they can't withstand the comparison of the riddims on“ Heavy Rain ”in the slightest.

Nevertheless, this EP also makes a good one for me DubFeeling ……………………… lemmi

Sorry if I follow up again, but I just listened to it.

If you want to read a real shitstorm from me again, then review Super Ape vs. Chinese hyroglyphs "Open Door" here. With the junk I would say, "You can't get in here!"

Cheers ……………………. lemmi

hi lemmi,

we are of one mind again, this piece of work borders on bodily harm. I still have to wonder why Lee Scratch Perry got his name for what nonsense.
The title alone:
Lee Scratch Perry & Mr. Green - Super Ape vs. ?: Open Door from the Tuff Kong Record label. ;-)) Worse is never
The Japanese character is supposed to mean "green". Well, who's helping ...

"I still have to wonder again and again for what nonsense Lee Scratch Perry got his name."

High Ras Vorbei ! ……. According to Lee Perry's statements in many interviews, he often does not know himself who is bringing out music with his name and his vocal snippets. It might also be a point of contention between all those who believe him and those who cannot imagine it. Well, with all the nonsense there is in the world, I'm inclined to believe him.
That was now primarily an attempt by me to save his honor ………………………. lemmi

Then we want to believe the old man, but the question must be allowed, where Mr. Green Lee Perry's "babble" found for this unspeakable concoction.

Yes yes, lee perry, aka. Scratch, The Upsetter, pipecock jakxon, to name just 3 of his 26 alibi. The directions in which he always goes are just as different. And I have listened very meticulously, probably all about 1.000 songs and remakes, and I really only like about 250 + -
With so many songs the style goes up, down left and right and up to the fourth dimension. Yes, and he gets lazy with age, which shouldn't shy away from honest criticism like yours (good one!).

But every reggae and reggae knows what this fish has achieved Dub Lover cherish. And I feel that if I only hear his voice, the song * mostly * gets a very personal note from him. I can recommend the documentaries about him on youtube to anyone from a DE producer.

Well its worst album in my eyes are like lemmi said Super Ape vs Open Door.

As the ugly belongs to the beautiful, these inferior songs are also part of it, they make everything complete even if they deserve little attention.
The repentance song with ZANZA is again such a meditation from him, which I am not averse to :)

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