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Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle: To drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone

I often find myself asking: "How would Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and many more sound today if they hadn't died much too early?" This question comes to mind when I hear Lee "Scratch" Perry. No, no, thank god Scratch is still alive. But what if Lee “Scratch” Perry hadn't slipped into an increasingly unpredictable, depressive, and destructive phase in the late 1970s that ended up with the flaring of his Black Ark studio in Washington Gardens, Kingston? How would albums from Black Ark Studio sound like today? Fortunately, there is an Adrian Maxwell Sherwood and a Daniel Boyle who still have the ability to inspire this man, who is well over 80 years old, to top performance.

Maxwell Livingston Smith alias Max Romeo produced his masterpiece in the Black Ark as early as 1976 together with Lee Perry and the Upsetters - a massive mountain range that is still visible today in the vast Reggae landscape. Almost 40 years after "Was in Babylon"In 2015 Max Romeo, Daniel Boyle, Lee" Scratch "Perry and three great Upsetters published another collaboration:"Horror Zone". “Horror Zone” is by no means a cheap copy of “War ina Babylon”, but rather a successful connection to old times, so more of a kind of further development. That was the case with the vocal album "Horror Zone" DubAlbum in good old fashion already with. And what's next? After this "Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle to drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone“Was already released in 2020 in a limited vinyl edition for Record Store Day, now that follows Dub Album of the Dub Albums in digital form. Boyle and Perry have the original "Horror Zone" -Dubs subjected to another processing on the mixer and refined a cosmos with tons of cave-like reverb and analog special effects, which according to credits Lee "Scratch" Perry is attributed. Once again we are convincingly heard that it is not a challenge for Perry & Boyle, an already good one Dub-Mix album one more time because these two Dubmasters are always able to go one better. The result can be more than heard, because the two have an intergalactic, dubcreate a wise supernova that shines the entire galaxy even brighter than the original.
Daniel Boyle's Rolling Lion Studio produced, recorded and mixed exclusively with analog devices from the 50s to the 80s and the characteristic Black Ark sound, which is understandably not 100% achieved. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure that “Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle to drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone ”will be a new classic in Lee“ Scratch ”Perry's overall / life's work.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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"The result can be more than heard, because the two have an intergalactic, dubcreate a wise supernova that shines the entire galaxy even brighter than the original. "

Yeah man It goes down to me like the finest intergalactic olive oil from planet earth, somewhere between Mars and Venus in the solar system of a flaring sun. Universally, a stone's throw away from Orion's star circle. It's worth a visit ?
But there is hospitality. All guests have to be friendly. Orcs are not welcome!

For me, Max Romeo's double album “Horror Zone” was already one of the best releases of this millennium. Even the vocal version is really fine roots reggae,
with a singer who unobtrusively but very emphatically ensures “consciousness” in the upper room and always leaves enough space for the excellent music of the blessed musicians.
That's how I love reggae! And because this is probably a real enthusiast's project, they didn’t mess up and a very good one DubWasher delivered with it.
It should always be like this! No roots album without the one that goes with it Dubs. Only in this way is a reggae work really perfect!
When I read that there are three original musicians from the Upsetters here, I also understand why the riddim or instrumental basis has already filled me with boundless satisfaction. These “boys” don't just do reggae, they are reggae! The Dubs were also very good, but for my taste right away with the first notes of the "dubwise Supernova ”by Daniel Boyle and Lee Scratch Perry - or was it Cheech and Chong themselves who“ even more Dub um alles "- a murmur went through my head and stomach and filled my whole body with the" unlimited lightness of being "a thoroughly fascinated one DubFans. It is not always so easy to put fascination into words, so I ask for your understanding for my “ReggaePatos”.
My favorites - both in the vocal version and in the DubVersion (Horror Zone) - they started right at the beginning so that no doubts arise that another infusion was tinkered here to pass the time only from a long while or because the home office is slowly pressing the skullcap. No, from the first note I feel an unlimited passion for what has been created here. Why such a synthesizer in the Dub is good, is impressively displayed here. He catapults Dub not only in a further orbit, but in connection with sirens and palpable flasher lights creates the feeling that you are on an interstellar highway, where no accidents can happen, because everything rushes along in the best possible way DubRiver is located. Here the traffic flows like at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
The highlight is that all of this was also created with "old equipment" from the 50s to the 80s, which brings me to the realization again and again that Dub no further development needed, because Dub was and is perfect from the start! (Sorry, I am a fan of the music and have no intention of reducing my enthusiasm).
So far everything is not only good, but fantastic!
But to be honest, all of this is only 4/5 of the description of my current condition.
I actually feel miserable as a dog, because my enthusiasm doesn't seem to be big enough yet. How could it happen that I didn't get a copy of the limited vinyl edition. I think DubBlog is international?!? Daniel Boyle has to make a report here!?! ……… On top of that, Lee Perry lives here - globally - just around the corner. Something has to go there Echo Beach!?! …….
Well, hope lives on ……… .. I'm just not that often and also not that much on the data highway, so I didn't notice the “Vinyl Record Store Day” either. Something like that has to take place here on site so that I can physically go there.

Oh, by the way, I think the cover is really SupaNova too !!!

Until ……………………… .. lemmi

hi lemmi,

the term “Ur-Upsetters” is perhaps a bit grandiose. Robbie Lyn (keyb.), Glen Da Costa (sax) and Vin Gordon (trombone) are more like veterans of reggae who were still working as studio musicians at Black Ark.

Lemmi, if it comforts you a little, I also completely slept through the vinyl release for Record Store Day.
Let's see it positively, after all, the “digital version” has not gone unnoticed and unheard by the rags.

off-topic: Etymologically, “going through the rags” is a term from the hunter's language. Should someone say that he Dubblog does not educate. ;-)))

"Should someone say that he Dubblog does not educate. ;-))) "

Is the only education i need!

WTF is william shakespeare ;-)

Sorry, I meant ReggaePathos! Didn't know that you have to write that with a little hidden h. First think then write lemmi!
Yes, that's right, but I can't do that …………… .. With me, only the subconscious thinks. I beg your forbearance ... .. there are definitely other little "knockers" in there.

So long ………… .. lemmi

Oh woe, oh woe!

I really need to go to the goal and go to the doctor quickly beforehand. I don't even know whether I should dare to write this here now. But "once the reputation has been ruined, life is completely unabashed".
The thing is: I already had the vinyl version of the disc as good as in my hands. But only had a quick check function of 45 seconds per DubTune and only listened so superficially that I thought, nee 35 euros for 8 DubI don't "have" tunes that I already know. That was quite a while ago. Actually, such prices are beyond my imagination but I've ordered them now. "Reason must never win!"
But I also fully understand that it would serve me right if I no longer get a copy. And so my fate is in God's hands again, but that's how it is anyway.

Yes, I lost the overview and now there are hot ears ……………………………. lemmi

On Sunday morning, August 29.08.2021th, 2021, the reggae icon Lee Scratch Perry died in a Jamaican hospital. This is very sad news again. XNUMX turns out to be a heavy loss for the reggae community.

I was very afraid of this news!

For me, Lee "Scratch" Perry has always been the spiritual backbone of reggae and Dub. For me, reggae and Dub always united in Lee Perry. As long as Perry was alive, I thought, reggae and Dub always stay alive. Many will perhaps also rightly think that life goes on and reggae and Dub will always live on. Maybe I'm too concerned at the moment, but I dare to doubt it. Certainly the music will continue to be played, but the future generations will not be able to match Rainford and Friends. Perry was a SuperNova in our galaxy and we now have to deal with the rest of the gravitational waves. That's how I feel and that's why I'm going in the gate now.

Rest in peace dear Rainford Lee Perry! ……………….. I will miss you very much !

Your, always loyal fan ……………………. lemmi

hi lemmi,

You have formulated that very aptly (again) and your lines show 100% your dismay, which even gave me goose bumps. One thing must be clear to all of us, the void that Lee Scratch Perry is leaving will never be closed, similar to Bob Marley. What this person gave us reggae enthusiasts is and will forever remain unmatched. Scratch will be forever and ever in everyone Dub resonate. His work is and remains - for me too - unbeatable and unrivaled. Since his earliest works, Scratch has already set standards that very few understood and saw ad hoc. He was always a slightly different producer and sound tinkerer who - and in a positive sense - was different, maybe also crazier than everyone else. The Salvador Dalí des Dub left our world for Zion.
RIP Rainford Hugh Perry aka Lee "Scratch" Perry aka The Upsetter aka Pipecock Jackson

What I found particularly blatant was the fact that my colleagues already knew that yesterday. Nobody told me anything. I could say now that “the boys” were very considerate, but they just forgot about it.
I think it would have been too much of a bad thing for me yesterday, too.
The end of the vacation ! Brian Travers has died and Lee Perry is no longer with us either. I'm just not that tough to cope with all of this in one day.

Maybe one day death will seem like a release to me after all, but so far I find death completely superfluous.

"Life is no bed of roses" ……………………… lemmi

Think I'm crazy, think I'm crazy (I don't care anyway) but last night Lee Perry gave me a "sign"!
Of course I only play Lee Perry records at the moment. And on Thursday evenings, after work, I traditionally spend most of the time listening to music. Unfortunately, for about two years now I have had a neighbor who listens to loud music not only on Thursdays, but every evening. So far, I have not complained as I am afraid of the "counterclaim".
But it always worked out well that we didn't “diss” ourselves “SoundClashMäßig” that often, but last night at one of my tributes to Lee Perry too much of his bass spilled over to me through the walls. No offense, his music is often not that bad, but when his bass is "contrapuntal"
With my beloved basses on top of each other, it creates thoughts for me that go far beyond the usual "Chase The Devil". After that he would definitely be happy about a “vacation on Guantanomo”.
Now, of course, I could amplify my sound far beyond the usual level and shoot it with its music and loud chatter late into the night, beyond the entire space, but we're not the only ones who live in the house . So I didn't dare to make my sound louder and have a “clash” through the whole house with “the dubious neighbor ”.
Lee Perry saw it very differently! Believe it or not, I haven't made any changes to the amplifier or mixer. Everything was set the same as always. But when I started the second page of “Time Boom” the sound was almost as loud as it was probably standard in the Black Ark. I was really shocked and spent a while researching why the sound was suddenly so loud. Maybe I can still find a natural explanation, but I actually much prefer this supernatural phenomenon. Especially since after that, from my neighbour's room, no more Mux could be heard. Greetings from Lee Perry!

"Greeting to hearing"
"Greeting to seeing"
"Greeting to tasting"
"Greeting to smelling"
"And Greeting to Feelings"
"Greetings to White Belly Rats" (and then it rolls off! The riddim that rolls down everything that doesn't fit into my / our world) !!!

Greetings ………………………………. lemmi

I don't know if anyone cares, but I don't care.
So I continue with my little "mystical story" and can explain at least part of the magic.
My earthing cable from the turntable was loose ;-) I came up with it because the cable was completely off and I had this humming sound again. There is only a tiny area that actually increases the volume massively when the contact is loose. Otherwise, the loose contact only produces bad noises, which make me very afraid that it might also be the last noises I would have ever heard on my system. So I could not reproduce the sound amplification because the "coincidence" could no longer be brought about intentionally.
Nevertheless, I still have a “healthy dose” of late Pyronic skepticism, because why does the loose contact happen shortly after Lee Perry “went over” and I, at the height of my inner conflict, with the tolerance of other music, during my “Roots Dub Reggae Reasonings ”had to struggle. That could have happened in the 40 years before, but it happened “by chance” at precisely this critical moment. I think it is even more likely on a rational level that these are paranormal phenomena than that it really should have been just a simple coincidence. From a purely mathematical point of view, this is pretty much impossible ……………… .. ;-), although not impossible. Fortunately, you cannot yet work out what is possible in the hereafter.

(... .. I really don't know what "late Pyronic skepticism" is, but when I heard that you can even study it, I almost sprayed the entire seminar room with coffee. Fortunately, I had no coffee in my mouth at the moment ...... / but the term just fitted too well into my stuff)

"The truth have no government"

Greetings from the twilight zone …………………… lemmi

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