Lee "Scratch" Perry meets Dubble standard: Dub Cuts from Planet Dub

This release only needs a few words: "Lee Scratch Perry meets Dubble standard: Dub Cuts from Planet Dub“(Echo Beach) is another reuse of the LSP tracks from the great Dubblestandart album "Return from Planet Dub“- appeared together Dubs 2009. The tracks were edited in 2014 Robo Bass HiFi, 2020 has Paolo Baldini a little hand made and now there's an album with alternatives DubVersions. Sometimes they are less, sometimes even less, and they are likely to have been created 12 years ago when the original tapes were mixed. At least this is the impression - because the time was not exactly gracious with the recordings: The sounds seem out of date; the dull mix is ​​reminiscent of the hip-hop and jeep beats from dunnemal. A fresh cell treatment looks different; regardless of this, the ones that have just appeared are Dub Cuts but like their originals milestones in the Oeuvre by Dubble standard

And again the question arises as to whether we really need this release, whose additional sound technical benefits are limited. The news value in and of itself is rather sparse and there are no moments of surprise - but here we have concentrated LSP's tracks on one album for the first time, i.e. freed them from the overflowing opulence of the original release. That results in only eight somewhat rougher ones Dubs (where "Blackboard Jungle - Dub Ruff Cut ”comes up as an exception with extra-violent fecal language), which are accompanied by a touchingly beautiful, black and white artwork. Undoubtedly a memento that hopefully will also be available as a physical sound carrier.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3 responses to "Lee" Scratch "Perry meets Dubble standard: Dub Cuts from Planet Dub"

This album smells of corpse.
Lee Scratch Perry himself would say in his fecal language: boring than shit.

I'll put it this way, I like them Dubs still and the somewhat rougher mix is ​​quite tingling, even if the sound is overall too muffled for me. The height correction controller urgently needs to help.
Still, I don't need a physical record of it. I am still completely satisfied with the "overflowing opulence of the original release".

And to be honest, for a long time I don't get ……………………………. so long …………………. lemmi

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