Lee Scratch Perry Vs. Robo Bass HiFi Vs. Dubblestandart: Nu School of Planet Dub


"When you see me like that, you can hardly believe that I do such crazy things," says the white-haired, plump man in a black suit and looks at me with a mischievous grin on his lips. It is true that Markus Kammann, alias Mr. Robo Bass HiFi, Dub-Produced remixes that drive the evolution of our beloved genre in giant steps forward, I would not have suspected. His "16 Bit Skanks" from last year had impressed me quite a lot because of their sheer energy and ruthless innovation. Now he adds. For his new remix album "Nu School of Planet Dub" (Echo Beach), he has chosen Lee Perry /Dubblestandart work "Return from Planet Dub" from 2009 and given the already innovative productions an additional kick in the ass towards the future. In doing so, however, he proceeded much more cautiously than with the "16 Bit Skanks". If the "Skank" originals served him only as a sample treasure trove, from which he made use of at will in order to build completely new tunes, so here he is DubSomewhat true to blestandart originals, preserves their character and preserves the reggae beat. But that's it for the restraint. As for the rest, Robo Bass opens the can of club music wide and lets out the whole nasty repertoire of electronic dance music. The result is a wild but surprisingly harmonious mix of trap, Dubstep, house, techno, reggae and Dub. Purists will turn up their noses - everyone else is having fun.

Rating 4 stars

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